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Advances in Implant Dentistry
(Editor: Bernhard Pommer)
31 March 2016 1
Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
(Editors: Shravan Renapurkar, Robert A. Strauss)
30 June 2016
Craniofacial Biology for Tooth Repair and Regeneration
(Editors: Ana Angelova Volponi, Paul T. Sharpe)
29 February 2016
Management and Health Care in Pediatric Dentistry
(Editors: Barbara Cvikl, Katrin Bekes)
31 July 2016
Medically Compromised Patients in Dentistry
(Editor: Claude Jaquiéry)
31 December 2015 3
New Cancer and Osteoporosis Therapies and Osteocrosis of the Jaws
(Editor: Christian Walter)
31 May 2016
Regeneration and Repair in Endodontics
(Editors: Louis M. Lin, George T.-J. Huang)
31 December 2015 2
Tomography in Dentistry
(Editor: Tolga F. Tozum)
31 December 2015 2
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