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Advancements in Daylighting in Buildings
(Editor: Richard Mistrick)
31 January 2015
Architectural, Urban and Natural Soundscapes
(Editor: Gary W. Siebein)
28 February 2014 6
BIM in Building Lifecycle
(Editor: Tanyel Bulbul)
31 July 2015
Building Envelope Design and Performance
(Editor: Fitsum Tariku)
30 April 2015
Building Failures
(Editor: M. Kevin Parfitt)
01 September 2012 9
Building Performance Analysis and Simulation
(Editor: Ismet Ugursal)
28 February 2014 10
Buildings, Design and Climate Change
(Editor: David Dernie)
31 March 2015 2
Designing Spaces for City Living
(Editor: Sharon E. Sutton)
15 January 2014 5
Disaster Management and Resilience in Building Construction/Re-Construction
(Editors: Chaminda Pathirage, Bingunath Ingirige)
30 November 2015
Earthquake Resistant Buildings
(Editor: Ali M. Memari)
31 March 2012 7
Eco-Towers: Technology, Sustainability, and Resilience
(Editor: Kheir Al-Kodmany)
31 May 2015 1
Energy Efficient Building Design
(Editor: Stephen Treado)
30 November 2011 1
Environmentally Conscious Architecture
(Editors: Ute Poerschke, Susanne Gampfer)
15 July 2013 8
Future Directions in Building Information Modeling
(Editors: Milan Radosavljevic, Arto Kiviniemi)
31 May 2014 6
Life-Cycle Energy Analysis of Buildings
(Editor: Elma Durmisevic)
28 February 2015
Low Carbon Building Design
(Editor: Alice Moncaster)
30 June 2014 6
Seismic-Resistant Building Design
(Editor: Ali M. Memari)
30 June 2014 7
Selected Papers from Building A Better New Zealand (BBNZ 2014) Conference
(Editors: George Baird, Lois Easton, Adrian Bennett)
30 November 2014 11
Sustainable Buildings: Design for Comfort and Users
(Editor: Adrian Pitts)
30 September 2015 1
Sustainable Design and Construction
(Editor: Behzad Sodagar)
30 November 2012 12
The Impacts of the Building Environment on Health and Well-Being
(Editors: Derek Clements-Croome, Ann Marie Aguilar, Mallory Taub)
15 June 2015 1
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