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Addiction and Neuroadaptation
(Editor: Marcelo Febo)
31 March 2015 15
Autism Spectrum Disorder
(Editors: Susan Shur-Fen Gau, Xiaoming Wang)
15 October 2014 4
Brain and Language
(Editor: Edna Andrews)
28 February 2013 16
Emotion, Cognition and Behavior
(Editor: Derek Mitchell)
31 July 2015
Ethanol Neurotoxicity
(Editor: D. Blaine Moore)
28 February 2013 11
Exercise and Brain Function
(Editor: Quincy J. Almeida)
15 March 2015 12
Functional Neuroimaging of Pain
(Editor: Patrick W. Stroman)
30 August 2015
Mind-Controlled Robotics
(Editor: Dean M. Aslam)
30 June 2015
Music and Neural Plasticity
(Editor: Mari Tervaniemi)
30 June 2014 8
Myelin Repair
(Editor: Randall D. McKinnon)
30 April 2013 7
Neuroprotection against Ischemic Brain Injury
(Editor: Bruno Meloni)
28 February 2015 19
Neurotoxicity and General Anaesthetics in the Young
(Editor: Daqing Ma)
31 January 2014 7
Sleep and Brain Development
(Editor: Marcos G. Frank)
30 June 2013 5
The Brain Knows More than It Admits: The Control of Cognition and Emotion by Non-Conscious Processes
(Editor: Peter Walla)
15 December 2011 16
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