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3D Printing for Biosensing
(Editor: Christophe A. Marquette)
30 September 2016
Advances in Lab-on-Chip Devices
(Editor: Domenico Caputo)
31 August 2016
Advances in Optical, RF, Microwave and Wireless BioSensing for Health, Environment and Agriculture
(Editors: Olga Korostynska, Alex Mason)
31 October 2016
Aptamer Sensors
(Editor: Giovanna Marrazza)
30 April 2016
Biosensor Arrays
(Editors: Challa V. Kumar, Inoka K. Deshapriya)
30 April 2016
Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Based Biosensors
(Editors: Prabir Patra, Ashish Aphale)
31 July 2016 1
Latest Wearable Biosensors
(Editor: Donald Y.C. Lie)
31 July 2016
Micro- and Nano-Bio-Interfaces
(Editor: Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh)
31 March 2016
Nanostructured Thin Films for Optical Biosensing
(Editor: Ibrahim Abdulhalim)
29 February 2016
Neural Sensing and Interfacing Technology
(Editor: Hargsoon Yoon)
30 June 2016 1
Next-Generation Immunosensors
(Editor: Luigi Campanella)
31 July 2016
Novel Nanobiosensors for Environmental, Food and Clinical Analyses
(Editor: Samuel B. Adeloju)
30 June 2016
Raman and IR Spectroscopic Sensing
(Editor: Torsten Frosch)
30 June 2016
Screen-Printed Electrodes and Sensors
(Editors: Donatella Albanese, Roberto Pilloton)
31 May 2016
Smartphone-Based Biosensing
(Editor: Sandeep Kumar Vashist)
30 September 2016
Systems for the Early Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria
(Editor: Laurent A. Francis)
31 August 2016
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