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Atomic Data for Ions of Rare Earth Elements
(Editors: Kanti M. Aggarwal, Per Jönsson)
30 Sep 2018 1
Cooperative Effects in Light Scattering by Atomic Clouds
(Editors: Robin Kaiser, Romain Bachelard)
30 Nov 2018
Current Developments and Applications of Atomic Structure and Radiative Process Investigations
(Editor: Pascal Quinet)
30 Jun 2018 3
Electron Scattering in Intense Laser Fields
(Editor: Farhad H.M. Faisal)
10 Oct 2018
High Precision Measurements of Fundamental Constants
(Editor: Joseph N. Tan)
31 Oct 2018 4
Plasma Spectroscopy in the Presence of Magnetic Fields
(Editor: Mohammed KOUBITI )
31 Dec 2018
Recent Advances in Ion-Impact Atomic Collisions: Experiment, Theory and Applications
(Editors: Tom Kirchner, Michael Schulz)
30 Nov 2018
(Editors: Goran Poparić, Bratislav Obradović, Duško Borka, Milan Rajković)
30 Nov 2018
Stark Broadening of Spectral Lines in Plasmas
(Editor: Eugene Oks)
31 Jul 2018 2
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