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Accumulation and Distribution of Elements in Crop Plants
(Editor: Gareth J. Norton)
30 June 2015 7
Advanced Agronomy with Impact for Food Security
(Editors: Yantai Gan, Paul C. Struik)
31 August 2016 8
Biochar as Option for Sustainable Resource Management
(Editor: Bruno Glaser)
01 December 2012 8
Biocontrol and Plant Growth and Quality Promoting Capacity of Microorganisms—New Perspectives for Agriculture
(Editors: Gabriele Berg, Christin Zachow)
01 September 2013 13
Breeding for Disease Resistance
(Editors: Diego Rubiales, Maria Carlota Vaz Patto, Elena Prats)
31 July 2016 3
Crop Hybridization Systems: Current Status and Future Potential
(Editor: Tristan Coram)
31 May 2016
Crop Salinity Tolerance
(Editor: Matthew Gilliham)
31 August 2016
Genomic and Molecular Marker Technologies to Identify Yield-Determining Traits
(Editor: Bertrand Hirel)
01 December 2014 5
Impact of Genomics Technologies on Crop Breeding Strategies
(Editors: Peter Langridge, J. Perry Gustafson, Rajeev K. Varshney)
30 November 2011 7
Interactions between Plant Rhizosphere and Soil Organisms
(Editors: Leslie A. Weston, Xiaocheng Zhu)
31 March 2016 2
New Phenotyping Platforms for Field Trials
(Editors: Ulrich Schurr, Hamlyn G. Jones, Adrian C. Newton, William Thomas)
15 February 2014 10
Nitrogen Transport and Assimilation in Plants
(Editors: Anne Krapp, Bertrand Hirel)
31 January 2016 2
Organic Agriculture: Crop Response and Cropping Strategies for Reducing the Effects of Abiotic and Biotic Stress
(Editor: Herb Cutforth)
31 October 2015 3
Practical Use of Crop Models in Agronomy
(Editor: Philippe Debaeke)
30 June 2016 1
QTL Mapping of Drought Tolerance
(Editor: Silvio Salvi)
30 September 2016
Sustainable Crop Production
(Editor: Mick P. Fuller)
01 October 2012 11
Towards a Better Understanding of Agronomic Efficiency of Nitrogen in Different Agro-Ecosystems
(Editors: Francesco Montemurro, Mariangela Diacono)
31 January 2016 4
Use of Commercial Humates in Agriculture
(Editors: Yusuf Genc, Graham Lyons)
31 August 2016
Utilization of Genetic Resources and Emerging-Omics Technologies to Expand Agro-ecological Adaptation of Crops
(Editors: Michael Timko, Paul J. Rushton)
01 October 2013 5
Weed Management and Herbicide Resistance
(Editor: David R. Shaw)
01 May 2013 12
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