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Advanced Genetic Technology Application towards the Improvement of Agricultural and Food Product Quality
(Editor: Robert Henry)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 1 Jan 2019
Advances in Genotyping Platforms for Crop Improvement
(Editor: Jacqueline Batley)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 30 Apr 2019
Bioactives from Plants: Content, Accumulation and Means to Reach Higher Levels
(Editor: Othmane Merah)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 20 Jan 2019
Breeding and Genetics of Sugarcane and Other Sugar Crops
(Editor: Karen S. Aitken)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 30 Nov 2018
Breeding Strategies for Improving Yield of Forage Crops and Energy Grasses
(Editors: Michael D. Casler, E. Charles Brummer)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 1 Jun 2019
Cereal Rust Management for Improving Global Food Security
(Editor: Davinder Singh)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 1 Mar 2019
Cotton Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
(Editor: Qian-Hao Zhu)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 28 Feb 2019 2
Etiology and Control of Crop Diseases
(Editors: Jesús Mercado-Blanco, Leire Molinero-Ruiz)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 30 Jun 2019
Functional Metabolism in Crops/Agronomy
(Editor: José M. Palma)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 1 May 2019 2
Genetic Analysis of Abiotic-Stress Adaptive Traits in Wheat and Barley
(Editor: Yehoshua Saranga)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 31 Dec 2018 3
Genetics and Breeding Related to Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop Plants
(Editor: Andreas Stahl)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 20 May 2019
Genetics and Genomics of Tomato and Solanaceae
(Editor: Dilip R. Panthee)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 30 Nov 2018 4
Genetics and Management of Perennial Forage Crops
(Editor: Susanne Barth)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 20 Mar 2019 1
Genetics, Genomics, and Breeding of Legume Crops
(Editor: Guo-Liang Jiang)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 20 Feb 2019
Genotype x Environment Interaction for End-Use Quality Traits in Wheat
(Editor: James Anderson)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 31 Jan 2019
Heat and Frost Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Crops: From Gene to Canopy
(Editor: Ehsan Eyshi Rezaei)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 1 Feb 2019
Molecular Biology in Pest Management
(Editor: Antonino Malacrinò)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 1 May 2019
Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology of Crop Plants Breeding
(Editor: Søren Kjærsgaard Rasmussen)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 30 Nov 2018 2
Potato Genetics and Breeding in the Genomics Era
(Editors: Xianzhou Nie, David De Koeyer)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 31 Mar 2019
Precision Phenotyping in Plant Breeding
(Editor: Fiona L. Goggin)
Crop Breeding and Genetics 20 Sep 2018 6
Effects of CO2 on Crop Growth and Quality
(Editor: Mumtaz Cheema)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 20 May 2019
Effects of Conservation Agriculture Practices on Dynamics of Soil C and N under Current and Future Climate
(Editors: Roberto Ferrise, Daniele Antichi, Paolo Merante)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Oct 2018
Effects of Soil Organic Carbon on Agricultural and Environmental Functions
(Editor: Emanuele Lugato)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Dec 2018
Fertilizer Application on Crop Yield
(Editor: Jagadish Timsina)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Aug 2018 6
Genetics of Nutrient Use Efficiency and Management in Cereal Agroecosystems
(Editors: Jacques Le Gouis, Malcolm Hawkesford, Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 15 Feb 2019
Innovative Cover Crops Management on Soil Physical Properties
(Editor: Masakazu Komatsuzaki)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 20 Mar 2019
Integrated Nutrient Management Systems for Sustainable Intensification in Sub Sahara Africa
(Editors: Roel Merckx, Bernard Vanlauwe, Pieter Pypers)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 20 Jul 2019
Interaction of Biochar on Organic Waste Composting
(Editors: Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Monedero, Claudio Mondini)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 20 Apr 2019
Pest Management in Agroecosystems
(Editor: Stephen L. Young)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 30 Aug 2018 4
Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism to Enhance Crop Productivity
(Editor: Robert Sharwood)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Dec 2018 4
Plant Mineral Nutrition: Principles and Perspectives
(Editors: Asher Bar-Tal, Avner Silber)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Dec 2018 3
Root-Soil Interactions
(Editors: Richard Whalley, Malcolm Hawkesford)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 30 Nov 2018 2
Soil Health in Agroecosystems
(Editors: María Bonita Villamil, María Celina Zabaloy)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 15 Jun 2019
Soil Microbial Diversity in Prairie and Agricultural Ecosystems
(Editor: Bobbi L. Helgason)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Mar 2019
Soil Phosphorus Dynamics: Agronomic and Environmental Impacts
(Editor: Karen Daly)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 10 Jan 2019
Toxic Metal in Soil-Plant Systems
(Editor: Ying Ma)
Soil and Plant Nutrition 31 Dec 2018
Agricultural Water Management
(Editor: Maurizio Borin)
Water Use and Irrigation 15 Mar 2019 2
Crop Evapotranspiration
(Editors: Andrew N. French, Ray G. Anderson)
Water Use and Irrigation 31 Dec 2018 1
Increasing Agricultural Water Productivity in a Changing Environment
(Editors: Huade Guan, Zailin Huo)
Water Use and Irrigation 1 Mar 2019
Innovative Approaches to Improve Crop Water Productivity under Irrigated Conditions
(Editors: Huihui Zhang, José Luis Chávez)
Water Use and Irrigation 31 Aug 2018 3
Deep Learning Techniques for Agronomy Applications
(Editors: Chi-Hua Chen, Hsu-Yang Kung, Feng-Jang Hwang)
Innovative Cropping Systems 30 Dec 2018 1
Digital Soil Mapping for Precision Agriculture
(Editor: Luboš Borůvka)
Innovative Cropping Systems 15 Jul 2019
Effects of Crop Disease and Pesticide on Crop Production
(Editors: Spyridon D. Koutroubas, Christos A. Damalas)
Innovative Cropping Systems 30 Sep 2019
Environmental and Management Factor Contributions to Maize Yield
(Editors: Frederick E. Below, Juliann R. Seebauer)
Innovative Cropping Systems 31 Oct 2018 4
Fluorescence Techniques: Understanding Crop Performance
(Editors: Uwe Rascher, Onno Muller)
Innovative Cropping Systems 31 Jul 2019
Information Technologies for Precision Plant and Crop Protection
(Editors: Andrea Sciarretta, Gianni Gilioli)
Innovative Cropping Systems 30 Jun 2019
Modern Biotechnologies for Oilseeds Crop Improvement
(Editor: Leonardo Velasco)
Innovative Cropping Systems 10 Jun 2019
Nanotechnology Applications in Agriculture System
(Editors: David W. Britt, Neena Mitter, Karishma Mody)
Innovative Cropping Systems 1 Mar 2019 2
Remote Sensing Applications for Agriculture and Crop Modelling
(Editor: Piero Toscano)
Innovative Cropping Systems 20 Apr 2019 1
Sensing and Automated Systems for Improved Crop Management
(Editor: Lav R. Khot)
Innovative Cropping Systems 31 Aug 2018 6
Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation
(Editor: Sergio Menéndez)
Innovative Cropping Systems 10 Apr 2019 1
Sustainable Cropping Systems
(Editor: Jeffrey A. Coulter)
Innovative Cropping Systems 20 Jul 2019 1
Weed Management in Annual and Perennial Cropping Systems
(Editors: Judith Wirth, Aurélie Gfeller)
Innovative Cropping Systems 31 May 2019
Berry Crop Production and Protection
(Editor: Samir C. Debnath)
Horticultural and Floricultural Crops 30 Sep 2018 2
Flowering Time Control in Crop Domestication and Improvement
(Editors: Joanna Jean Putterill, Erika Varkonyi-Gasic)
Horticultural and Floricultural Crops 15 Feb 2019
Management of Plants and Water for Sustainable Landscapes
(Editors: Genhua Niu, Raul Cabrera, James Altland)
Horticultural and Floricultural Crops 15 Jan 2019
Viticulture and Winemaking under Climate Change
(Editor: Helder Fraga)
Horticultural and Floricultural Crops 15 May 2019
Effects of Climate Change on Grassland Biodiversity and Productivity
(Editors: Gianni Bellocchi, Catherine Picon-Cochard)
Grassland and Pasture Science 20 Jun 2019
Grassland Management for Sustainable Agroecosystems
(Editors: Abad Chabbi, Gianni Bellocchi)
Grassland and Pasture Science 1 Jan 2019
Spatial Modelling of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) from Cropland and Grassland
(Editor: Astley Hastings)
Grassland and Pasture Science 30 Jun 2019 1
Molecular Diagnostics for Herbicide Resistance in Weeds
(Editors: Martin Laforest, Marie-Josée Simard)
Weed Science and Weed Management 20 Feb 2019
Weed Management & New Approaches
(Editors: Ilias Travlos, Nicholas Korres, Rafael De Prado)
Weed Science and Weed Management 30 Jun 2019 2
Innovations towards Organic and Agro-Ecological Food and Farming Systems
(Editor: Andreas Gattinger)
Farming and Sustainability 31 Dec 2018
Organic Farming: Impacts on Food Quality and Human Health
(Editor: Carlo Leifert)
Farming and Sustainability 1 Apr 2019
Accumulation and Distribution of Elements in Crop Plants
(Editor: Gareth J. Norton)
30 Jun 2015 8
Advanced Agronomy with Impact for Food Security
(Editors: Yantai Gan, Paul C. Struik)
31 Aug 2016 12
Biochar as Option for Sustainable Resource Management
(Editor: Bruno Glaser)
1 Dec 2012 8
Biocontrol and Plant Growth and Quality Promoting Capacity of Microorganisms—New Perspectives for Agriculture
(Editors: Gabriele Berg, Christin Zachow)
1 Sep 2013 13
Biotic and Abiotic Stress Responses in Crop Plants
(Editors: Thomas Dresselhaus, Ralph Hückelhoven)
1 Aug 2018 13
Breeding for Disease Resistance
(Editors: Diego Rubiales, Maria Carlota Vaz Patto, Elena Prats)
31 Jul 2016 5
Climate Change in Agriculture: Impacts and Adaptations
(Editors: Davide Cammarano, Roberto Ferrise)
31 May 2018 5
Crop Salinity Tolerance
(Editor: Matthew Gilliham)
20 Apr 2017 5
Forage and Bioenergy Crops
(Editor: Marisol Berti)
1 Aug 2018 6
Gene Expression Regulation during Drought and Salt Stress in Crop Plants
(Editor: Andrew Eamens)
15 Aug 2018 4
Genetics and Breeding for Productivity Traits in Forage and Bioenergy Grasses Printed Edition available
(Editors: John W. Forster, Kevin F. Smith)
30 Nov 2016 15
Genomic and Molecular Marker Technologies to Identify Yield-Determining Traits
(Editor: Bertrand Hirel)
1 Dec 2014 5
Healthy Food Development through Genetic Changes during Crop Domestication
(Editors: Petr SMYKAL, Eric von Wettberg)
30 Jun 2018 6
Impact of Genomics Technologies on Crop Breeding Strategies
(Editors: Peter Langridge, J. Perry Gustafson, Rajeev K. Varshney)
30 Nov 2011 7
Interactions between Plant Rhizosphere and Soil Organisms
(Editors: Leslie A. Weston, Xiaocheng Zhu)
31 Mar 2016 7
New Phenotyping Platforms for Field Trials
(Editors: Ulrich Schurr, Hamlyn G. Jones, Adrian C. Newton, William Thomas)
15 Feb 2014 10
Nitrogen Transport and Assimilation in Plants
(Editors: Anne Krapp, Bertrand Hirel)
31 Jan 2016 7
Nondestructive Quality Measurement of Fruits and Vegetables in the Supply Chain
(Editors: Anna Rizzolo, Maristella Vanoli)
20 May 2019
Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping for Crop Plants
(Editor: Arron H. Carter)
30 Jun 2018 3
Starch Biosynthesis in Crop Plants
(Editor: Ian J. Tetlow)
31 Dec 2017 5
Sustainable Crop Production
(Editor: Mick P. Fuller)
1 Oct 2012 11
The Regulatory Functions of Epigenetic Mechanisms in Plants
(Editors: Mieke Van Lijsebettens, Chris Cazzonelli, Marc De Block)
31 Dec 2018 2
Towards a Better Understanding of Agronomic Efficiency of Nitrogen in Different Agro-Ecosystems
(Editors: Francesco Montemurro, Mariangela Diacono)
31 Jan 2016 8
Utilization of Genetic Resources and Emerging-Omics Technologies to Expand Agro-ecological Adaptation of Crops
(Editors: Michael Timko, Paul J. Rushton)
1 Oct 2013 5
Weed Management and Herbicide Resistance
(Editor: David R. Shaw)
1 May 2013 12
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