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Philosophies, Volume 3, Issue 3 (September 2018)

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Open AccessBook Review The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time: A Proposal in Natural Philosophy. By Roberto Mangabeira Unger and Lee Smolin. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK, 2014; 566 pp.; ISBN-10: 1107074061, ISBN-13: 978-1107074064
Philosophies 2018, 3(3), 19;
Received: 14 July 2018 / Accepted: 17 July 2018 / Published: 18 July 2018
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Open AccessErratum Erratum: Schroeder, M.J. The Philosophy of Philosophies: Synthesis through Diversity. Philosophies 2016, 1, 1
Philosophies 2018, 3(3), 18;
Received: 21 June 2018 / Accepted: 21 June 2018 / Published: 22 June 2018
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The author wishes to add the following correction to his paper published in Philosophies [1]:
The repeated fragment from lines 13–18 and part of 19 on page 69 should be deleted [...] Full article
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