Stress Biology of Turfgrass

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April 2024
220 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Stress Biology of Turfgrass that was published in

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Turfgrass is widely used for landscaping, sports turf, and ecological restoration. However, abiotic stresses decrease turf quality and also increase the costs involved in turf maintenance. This reprint focuses on research related to the physiological, metabolic, and molecular mechanisms of turfgrasses in response to drought, heat, cold, or ionic stress (salt, chromium, and cadmium). This reprint comprises a review article on salinity stress and tolerance in turfgrasses, as well as research articles covering antioxidant defense systems, water homeostasis, and ionic equilibrium in turfgrasses in response to abiotic stress, the effects of plant growth regulators in turfgrasses exposed to abiotic stress, physiological and metabolic differences affected by stress in turfgrasses, and key genes and proteins associated with stress tolerance in turfgrasses.

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perennial ryegrass; Hsp90; abiotic stress; expression profiles; phylogenetic analysis; lanthanum; bahiagrass; root growth; photosynthesis; respiration; carotenoids; dwarfing; Zoysia japonica; chlorophyll content; cold stress; ethephon; transcriptome; Zoysia japonica; high temperature; oxidative damage; photosynthesis; osmotic adjustment; photochemical efficiency; elevated CO2; stolon growth; soluble sugars; hormone; creeping bentgrass; antioxidant enzyme; dehydrins; DREB transcription factor; oxidative damage; seed vigor; reactive oxygen species; Cadmium; Paspalum vaginatum; RNA-seq; qRT-PCR; PvSnRK2.7; heat stress; creeping bentgrass; OJIP fluorescence; turfgrass; salinity stress; stress; turf soil; salinity tolerance; turfgrass drought stress; turfgrass stress tolerance; turfgrass roots; turf; Buchloe dactyloides; salt tolerance; photosynthesis; water status; ion homeostasis; transcriptome; cadmium; Zoysia japonica; differentially expressed genes; molecular mechanism