Nonlinear Control Systems with Recent Advances and Applications

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February 2024
212 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Nonlinear Control Systems with Recent Advances and Applications that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of nonlinear control systems, this reprint stands as a beacon of knowledge, showcasing the remarkable progress made over the last few decades. With a focus on design methodologies and their applications, this text employs various mathematical tools to address the myriad challenges inherent in nonlinearly controlled systems.This reprint extends its reach beyond traditional boundaries, presenting applications of nonlinear control across diverse fields such as energy, health care, robotics, biology, and big data research. As technology continues to advance, nonlinear control emerges as a critical player in shaping the future of theory and technology adoption across these domains.Despite the wealth of the existing literature, synthesizing control strategies for a broader class of nonlinear systems, especially those integrated with emerging technologies in communication and computation, remains a formidable task. This reprint addresses this gap, providing a cutting-edge collection of articles that push the boundaries of both theoretical background and practical applications. With its emphasis on novel developments and the broader class of applications, this reprint opens doors to new possibilities, making it a must-read for anyone seeking to navigate the intricate challenges of nonlinear control systems in the 21st century.

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descriptor systems; SOC estimation; H observer; disturbance suppression performance; pulsar navigation; nonlinear observer; relative satellite dynamics; adaptive control; robust variable-step perturb and observe; normalization; second-order sliding mode controller; systematic step size; super-twisting algorithm; adaptive control; neural network control; nonlinear constraint systems; non-affine nonlinear systems; pure feedback; robotic manipulators; adaptive fixed-time control; fractional-order sliding mode control; unknown dynamics; dynamic neural networks (DNNs); event-triggered control; anti-disturbance control; adaptive control; saturation constraint; output constraint; virtual equivalent system; stochastic multivariable STC; stability; convergence; mobile robot; speed controller; active disturbance rejection control; extended state observer; chattering phenomenon; torque disturbance; system uncertainties; time-optimal trajectory planning; iterative optimization; jerk limits; time-optimal path parameterization; phase plane; hand physiological tremors; incremental broad learning system; tele-operation robot system; sliding mode controller