Advances in Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

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December 2023
750 pages
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The global transition toward a renewable energy-centric energy matrix represents a focal point of interest for the international community in the pursuit of mitigating environmental pollution and combating climate change. This reprint advocates for the proposition of technologically advanced solutions, emphasizing heightened efficiency, superior energy integration, and cost-effectiveness. Such advancements are poised to accelerate the widespread adoption of renewable energies, thereby propelling collective endeavors towards sustainable development. Within the intricate framework of energy systems, energy storage stands as a cornerstone, providing indispensable attributes such as continuity, stability, and security of service. The seamless integration of energy storage systems into renewable energy technologies emerges as a pivotal imperative. This strategic integration addresses the challenge of intermittency, ensuring prolonged utilization of renewable sources and contributing significantly to the decarbonization of both centralized and distributed electrification systems. This reprint amalgamates pioneering research, offering a scholarly foundation that will propel the sustainable development of energy storage integration. Positioned as a valuable resource, it informs decision-making processes in both the public and private sectors, steering them towards a more resilient and environmentally conscious energy landscape.

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photovoltaic and thermal solar energy; wind energy; artificial intelligence applied to clean energy systems; microgrids; energy storage in batteries: lead–acid, lithium-ion, nickel–cadmium, flow batteries, others; control of electrical systems; renewable energies