Advances in Parvovirus Research 2022

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November 2023
288 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances in Parvovirus Research 2022 that was published in

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parvovirus B19; synthetic genome; genetic engineering; replicon unit; functional complementation; parvovirus B19; B19V; VP1u; VP1uR; receptor; tropism; primate erythroparvovirus; simian erythroparvovirus; rhesus erythroparvovirus; pig-tailed erythroparvovirus; Benzonase®; parvovirus B19; acute infection; persistent infection; viral DNA load; oncolytic virus immunotherapy; protoparvovirus H-1PV; virus host interactions; virus cell entry; galectin-1; laminin γ1; adeno-associated virus; AAV; classification; genotype; serotype; intraspecies; pairwise genetic distance; recombination; porcine parvovirus; virus-like particles; diagnostic; I-ELISA; parvovirus; capsid; AMDV; PARV4; cryo-EM; Amdoparvovirus; Tetraparvovirus; pathogen; VP1u; CPV-2; FPV; illegal trade; companion animals; wildlife; spillover; porcine parvovirus 1; Africa; epidemiology; phylogeography; phylogeny; VP2; H1-PV; parvovirus; infection; oncolytic virus; anticancer gene; cancer gene therapy; cancer; Parvovirus B19; genetic diversity; viral quasispecies; Next Generation Sequencing; Shannon Entropy; cluster analysis; skunk amdoparvovirus; parvovirus; striped skunk; next generation sequencing; virus surveillance; Parvovirus B19; HIV infection; hemolysis; hereditary spherocytosis; parvoviruses; DNA damage response; Minute Virus of Mice; parvovirus; immunity; evolution; paleovirology; endogenous viral elements; parvovirus; bocavirus; capsid; cryo-EM; pathogen; CnMV; PBoV; RBoV; canine parvovirus type 2; CPV-2; molecular epidemiology; Protoparvovirus carnivoran1; parvovirus; virus evolution; Parvoviridae; international workshop; conference report

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