Automation, Operation and Maintenance of Control and Communication Systems

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August 2023
264 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Automation, Operation and Maintenance of Control and Communication Systems that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences

The Special Issue constitutes the collection of the selected papers, which results were presented during the XVIII Conference on Automation, Operation and Maintenance of Control and Communication Systems ASMOR 2022. The conference took place in Władysławowo (Poland) on 12-14 October 2022. The scope of the conference was mainly focused on automation and exploitation aspects of the control and communications systems. In order to meet the highest quality standards for published papers, only the articles selected by the ASMOR Scientific Committee and the Electronics Editors were qualified for an extensive reviewing process.

  • Hardback
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NIR DLP spectroscopy; reflectance time-non-stable spectra; artificial neural network; SLAM; 3D mapping; mobile robot; underground inspection; evolutionary neural networks; hill climb; control; classification; collision avoidance; path planning; obstacle detection; autonomous underwater vehicle; artificial intelligence; autonomous navigation; autonomous navigation system; collision avoidance; maneuver auto-negotiation; multi-agent system; obstacle avoidance; real-time path planning; unmanned surface vehicle; LTE; NB-IoT; reception quality indicators; data concentrator; robotic deburring; machining; machining parameters; pneumatic tools; industrial robots; optical scanner; programming; neural decision-making system; communication; robot; laser tracker; design of robotic system; mobile robot; measurement in robotics; signal analyzer; tune master; test signal viewer; robot monitoring; attitude; control; aircraft; UAV; fixed-wing; quaternions; Euler angles; avionics; UWA channel; impulse response; underwater communication; signal propagation; channel stationarity; chirp signal; biomimetic underwater vehicle; depth controller; genetic algorithms; particle swarm optimization; Pareto optimization; magnetic launcher; levitation force; UAV; dynamics modeling; numerical simulation; automation of control systems; operation and maintenance of control systems; automation of communication systems; operation and maintenance of communication systems