Technologies, Applications and Assessments for Proper Sustainable Forest Operations (SFO)

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August 2023
220 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Technologies, Applications and Assessments for Proper Sustainable Forest Operations (SFO) that was published in

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This Special Issue focused on the "Technologies, Applications, and Assessments for Proper Sustainable Forest Operations (SFOs)". One of the main topics was to promote knowledge for future relations between forest logging, environmental protection, and management of forests in order to provide timber at reasonable costs and other ecosystem services, such as recreation and conservation as well as biodiversity. This Special Issue contains 12 original papers, some of them reporting the outcomes of long-time experiences, reviewed by international experts in forestry and forest operations engineering fields. This Special Issue aims to increase the knowledge concerning the SFOs, with practical implications at scientific and technical levels.

This Special Issue collected a representative sample of the most recent papers on the subject, which come from many different countries and cover a variety of subjects, confirming the wide scope covered by the Sustainable Forest Operations topic.

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forestry infrastructure; supply mechanism; game theory; experimental economics; skidding operation; soil properties; sustainable forest operation; traffic intensity; soil recovery; forest operation; skidding-winch; forwarding; soil resilience; Mediterranean area; agro-forestry operations; poplar planting; manual labor; postural risk; OWAS method; sustainability; reengineering; improvement; sustainability; forestry; forest residues; climate change; education; GIS; GNSS; forwarder; precision forestry; sustainable forest operations; forest operation; forwarder; cut-to-length; soft soil; soil protection; rut depth; TLS data; LiDAR; mastication; SDI; stand density index; fuels; random forest; clearcut harvesting; tree-length logging; cable yarder; time study technique; efficiency; forest operations; machine operating trail; midfield; single-grip harvester; soil protection; tethering winch; skidding productivity; logging cost analysis; harvesting site conditions; sustainable forest operations; restoration; no-net-loss; biodiversity conservation; wood living species; mining; forwarder; forest operations; cost-efficiency; boreal forest; Sweden