Applications of (Big) Data Analysis in A/E/C

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July 2023
234 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Applications of (Big) Data Analysis in A/E/C that was published in

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This Special Issue (SI), entitled “Application of (Big) Data Analysis in A/E/C (architecture, engineering, and construction)”, in Buildings has published quality papers outlining novel contributions of the application of big data theory, modeling techniques, and methodologies as a tool for leveraging data analytics in the building industry. Contributions have covered related topics from various application domains of the global A/E/C industry, including structures/structural engineering, materials/geotechnical engineering, construction design/measure, IS/BIM, transport/energy planning and building management, etc. As can be seen in the editorial essay, some domains have been addressed with more emphasis, but some are not. In addition to the editorial essay, the published research works have also touched almost all phases of (big) data analytics, including data collection and curation, data pre-processing, data analysis, prediction, (data-driven) decision making and decision supports, etc., except that related topics about forecasting are still missing. This allows for identifying ‘hot zones’ of research, in which follow-up research and extended studies should be performed, and ‘cold zones’, awaiting the utilization and novel application of data and theories/models.

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high performance concrete (HPC); experimental parameters; data-driven analysis; pre-project material testing; pairwise comparison analysis; correlation analysis; cosine similarity; predictive regression modelling; heat map; variable transform; energy generation; green energy; wind turbines; fan-blade damage; mechanical condition monitoring system; fault diagnosis; maintenance by prediction; accelerometer; vibration data; big-data analytics; reliability analysis; RC slab-column structure; machine learning; Monte Carlo simulation; shapley additive explanation; wireless sensor network; historic building; real-time monitoring; recycling of waste materials; water-to-binder ratio (W/B ratio); waste PE; cement mortar; durability; steel assembly bracing; foundation pit; environmental temperature; vibration analysis; real-time monitoring; building information model; 3D point cloud; semantic segmentation; deep learning; highway data quality assessment; data quality dimensions; semiotic framework; decision-making; construction image; artificial intelligence; deep learning; object detection; single shot multibox detector (SSD); n/a