Paleontology in the 21st Century

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July 2023
484 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-7572-8 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-7573-5 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Paleontology in the 21st Century that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences

This Special Issue highlights fundamental changes to the questions that we can ask about both the recent past and deep time. Delve into the forefront of paleontological research with this Special Issue reprint. Renowned paleontologists from around the world share groundbreaking insights into ancient life on Earth. Discover the latest advances in fossil discovery, analytical techniques, interdisciplinary collaborations, and technological innovations that are shaping our understanding of evolution and the Earth's history. This collection of cutting-edge research is a must-read for scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in the dynamic field of paleontology in the modern era.

  • Hardback
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REE; Tyrannosaurus rex; molecular paleontology; geochemical taphonomy; diagenesis; bone; protein; collagen; Hell Creek Formation; cuticle; Eocene; Fur Formation; insects; melanin; mo-clay; pigment; Stolleklint Clay; structural coloration; Ølst Formation; fossil; dinosaur; molecular paleontology; paleoproteomics; porphyrin; collagen; melanin; keratin; feather; taphonomy; degradation; keratin; microbes; CO2; apatite; melanin; paleontology; China; history; 20th century; 21th century; paleontology; paleobiology; history and philosophy of paleontology; twenty-first-century paleontology; paleobiological revolution; technoscience and global issues; fossil proteins; molecular paleontology; diagenesis; taphonomy; rare earth elements; soft-tissue preservation; geochemistry; soft tissues; molecular preservation; collagen; Hornerstown Formation; shallow marine; glauconite; hybridization; introgression; ancient DNA (aDNA); hominin paleontology; paleoanthropology; REE; Brachylophosaurus; molecular paleontology; geochemical taphonomy; diagenesis; bone; protein; collagen; Judith River Formation; fossil proteins; ELISA; paleoproteomics; RIA; Venta Micena site; VM-0; VM-1960; taxonomy; morphometrics; phylogeny; evolution; morphological clock; molecular clock; biodiversity; palaeobiogeography; macroevolution; primates; Cercopithecidae; monkeys; genotype:phenotype mapping; evolution; dentition; phylogeny; Equidae; Equinae; hipparionini; protohippini; equini; paleoecology; paleoclimatology; biochronology; phylogeny; evolution; steroids; diet; coprolites; Gryphaea dilatata; crystallographic texture; pole figures; neutron diffraction; recrystallization; thick-walled shells; molecular taphonomy; fossils; preservation; mass spectrometry; dinosaurs; Neanderthal; Combe-Grenal; juvenile; mandible; periodontitis; tooth; tartar; SEM analysis; n/a; terrestrialization; artrhopods; Cambrian explosion; molecular clocks; palaeontology; phylogenomics; teeth; enamel; microanalysis; Purussaurus; Neoepiblema; miocene; fossils; ICP-MS; MEV; microscopy; magnetic resonance imaging; micro-computed tomography; radiocarbon dating; DNA barcoding; synchrotron; bone remodeling; elemental analysis; molecular paleontology; diagenetic alteration; n/a

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