Marine Engines Performance and Emissions II

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June 2023
168 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Marine Engines Performance and Emissions II that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences

Marine engines are efficient machines, but stricter legislation about emissions makes continuous research necessary in order to reduce their consumption and improve their efficiency. This Special Issue, “Marine Engines Performance and Emissions II”, is a continuation of “Marine Engines Performance and Emissions”. It contains a set of peer-reviewed works about marine engine performance and emissions.

  • Hardback
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turbocharger diagnostics; large diesel engine; acoustic spectral analysis; DFT leakage; mechanical properties; tensile strength; laser sintering; fracture; additive technology; rapid prototyping; silencer; composite scrubber; transmission loss; pressure drop; noise reduction; sulfur oxides; marine gearboxes; gear wheel shapes; forged spur gear; casted spur gear; meshing stiffness; gear teeth deformation; FEM; emissions; alternative fuels; combustion engine; environment; ammonia; emissions; decarbonization; marine engines; ship emission; scenario simulation; automatic identification system (AIS); carbon emissions; geographic information system (GIS); linear rolling systems; ship emissions; vibrodiagnostics; wear; compact system; sold liquids; metrology; gas station dispensers; n/a