Applied and Computational Mathematics for Digital Environments

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May 2023
284 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Applied and Computational Mathematics for Digital Environments that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences
Public Health & Healthcare

The present reprint contains the 11 papers that were accepted and published in the Special Issue “Applied and Computational Mathematics for Digital Environments” of the MDPI Mathematics journal. The topics of interest include, among others, scientific research, applied tasks, and problems in the following areas:

  • The construction of mathematical and information models of intelligent computer systems for monitoring and controlling the parameters of digital environments;
  • The development of intelligent optimization algorithms that search for optimal parameter values of mathematical and information models in digital environments;
  • Software and mathematical technologies in the implementation of intelligent monitoring and computer control of the parameters of digital environments;
  • The development and application of mathematical and information models, machine learning methods, and artificial intelligence for the analysis and processing of big data in digital environments.

I hope that this reprint will be useful to those who are interested in the real-world applications of applied and computational mathematics for digital environments in terms of solving actual, practical problems in all spheres of human life and activity.

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mathematical model for evaluating the effectiveness of integrating information technology; digital platforms; virtual simulation infrastructures; experimental virtual environment; statistics; multiscale analysis; data analysis; system on chip; increasing traffic capacity; percolation threshold; transport link density; transport network; density of transport links; computer algebra system; wxMaxima; Calculus; symbolic computation; mobile agents; timeouts; knowledge as set of trees; behavioural equivalences; nonlinear dynamics; processes in social systems; Fokker-Planck equation; power law; monitoring; management; image segmentation; complex numbers; CNN classifier; outdoor environments; relaxation subgradient methods; space dilation; nonsmooth minimization methods; machine learning algorithm; control synthesis; optimal control; stabilization; symbolic regression; machine learning; evolutionary algorithm; mobile robot; problem decomposition; large-scale global optimization; self-adaptive differential evolution; memetic algorithm; cooperative co-evolution; decision-making; oncological disease; kNN classifier; SVM classifier; dataset; features; UMAP algorithm; entropy; fractal dimension; n/a; n/a