Fractal and Fractional in Geomaterials

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May 2023
262 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Fractal and Fractional in Geomaterials that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics

This reprint focuses on the recent progress on fractal and fractional methods in characterizing the physical and mechanical behaviors of geomaterials. Special attention is given to the fractal laws for contact networks/pore structures in soft and granular soils, numerical and theoretical aspects of fractional mechanics for geomaterial with local/nonlocal deformation, anomalous diffusion and conduction phenomena, among others.

  • Hardback
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nuclear magnetic resonance; pore size distribution; fractal dimension; grain size; calcareous sand; quartz sand; deformation conditions; relative permeability coefficient; air-entry value; void ratio; model; saturated permeability coefficient; air-entry value; maximum pore; comprehensive proportionality constant; fractional derivative; fractional diffusion equation; fractional advection–dispersion equation; solute transport; porous media; soil–structure interaction; fractional plasticity; cyclic loads; soil–rock mixture; fractal theory; particle distribution; scale effect; discrete element model; calcareous sand; fractal dimension; particle size distribution; critical state; shear characteristic; frozen–thawed soft clay; fractal characteristics; NMR; pore structure; artificial ground freezing; laterally loaded piles; cyclic loading; unsaturated soil; pile–soil interaction; fractal dimension; model tests; particle image velocimetry; anisotropic stress; Hostun sand; resonant column; maximum shear modulus; fines content; void ratio; equivalent granular void ratio; fractal dimension; hydraulic gradient; random field; hydraulic conductivity; porosity; concrete–rock ITZ; pore structure; permeability; fractal theory; granular materials; fractal dimension; particle breakage; relative density; grading curve; discrete element method; particle breakage; ballast; fractal dimension; PSD evolution; soft soil; fractal characteristics; SEM; microstructure; cumulative strain; effective particle diameter; fractal entropy; abstract interval; hydraulic coefficient; n/a