Biological and Pharmacological Activity of Plant Natural Compounds III

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April 2023
304 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Biological and Pharmacological Activity of Plant Natural Compounds III that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology

By joining the two previous editions, this Special Issue completes the trilogy of Special Issues entitled "Biological and Pharmacological Activity of Plant Natural Compounds", which deal with the properties and effects of phytonatural products in preclinical models. This third edition has also remained focused on their therapeutic potential, with the aim of increasing and contributing to the expansion of our scientific knowledge on plants in human health. We hope readers will enjoy this Special Issue as much as the previous publications.

  • Hardback
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seaweed; extraction; vitamin B12; central composite design; curcumin; antioxidant properties; ozone; Ammodaucus leucotrichus; proximate analysis; mineral element analysis; decoction; alcoholic extract; essential oil; secondary metabolites; ammolactone-A; R-perillaldehyde; chemical characterization; seaweeds; marine algae; marine drugs; fucoidan; sulfated polysaccharide; cancer; adjuvant; prebiotics; Candida albicans; Lavandula angustifolia; essential oil; fluconazole; caspofungin; time-kill curve; antioxidative activity; antimicrobial activity; Thai edible plant; microwave-assisted extraction; ultrasonic-assisted extraction; quercetin; antioxidant; toxipathy; diabetes mellitus; advanced glycation end products (AGEs); protein cross link formation; Punica granatum peel; methylglyoxal; apocarotenoid; abiotic stress; β-carotene; gene expression; herb–drug interactions; Andrographis paniculata; andrographolide; glipizide; superoxide dismutase; isoflavones; ion mobility-mass spectrometry; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; aggregation; bacterial resistance; combination therapy; COVID-19; medicinal plants; new drugs; synergism; G. tenax; GC-MS; anti-spasmodic; Ca2++ channel blockers; phosphodiesterase; artichoke bud; synchronous extraction; aqueous two-phase system; dual-response surface model; antioxidant activity; carbohydrates; polyphenols; Carica papaya; in silico; cytotoxicity; ethanol extract; sepsis; almond [Prunus dulcis (Mill.) DA Webb] hull; extract; triterpenoid acids; hydroxycinnamic acids; antioxidant activity; antimicrobial activity; Ajuga integrifolia; antioxidant activity; binding energies; flavonoids; phenolic acids; shigellosis; nephrotoxicity; cisplatin; diosmin; lipid peroxidation; inflammatory cytokines