Aquaphotomics - Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature

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March 2023
374 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-7118-8 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-7119-5 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Aquaphotomics - Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology

This reprint is a compilation of more than 20 scientific publications, both original research papers and review papers, assembled for the Special Issue of Molecules journal, Aquaphotomics; this Special Issue explores water molecular systems in nature, and is the first of its kind organized on this topic. Now available in a reprint, this publication presents cutting-edge research work performed in the area of a young, but rapidly evolving scientific discipline, Aquaphotomics. The reprint includes topics that range from basic water science, material hydration, the water–material interaction and biocompatibility, novel scientific theories about the role of water in cell biology, the possibilities of using Aquaphotomics for monitoring food quality, estimating shelf-life, diagnosing stress in plants, determining diseases in animals and the outcomes of therapies in medicine. The reprint also provides the reader with an opportunity to improve their knowledge in the areas of spectral preprocessing, multivariate analysis and chemometrics, with focus on Aquaphotomics approach. For any reader already working in the field of Aquaphotomics, this will be a highly advantageous publication, in order to ascertain the latest research trends and discoveries; for novices, it offers a window into an exciting new world that is brimming with possibilities.  

  • Hardback
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coffee; NIRS; aquagrams; chemometrics; authentication; PCA; PCA-LDA; PLSR; temperature-dependent near-infrared spectroscopy; chemometrics; water structure; structural analysis; quantitative analysis; aquaphotomics; water; spectra; band assignment; functionality; polarization; kiwifruit; near infrared spectroscopy; soluble solids content; Brix; kiwifruit juice; aquaphotomics; near infrared spectroscopy; extended multiplicative scatter correction (EMSC); external parameter orthogonalisation (EPO); absorbance; biofluid; cattle; chemometrics; discrimination; NIRS; transmittance; virus; snow; water; Raman spectroscopy; OH-stretching band; liquid water content; cold stress; stress tolerance; soybean; water; near infrared spectroscopy; aquaphotomics; water molecular species; honey; heat treatment; NIRS; chemometrics; aquagram; PCA; PCA-LDA; PLRS; WAMACs; HMF; infrared absorption spectroscopy; molecular vibration; soft contact lenses; water; multivariate curve resolution; hydrogel; soft material; storage; ready-to-eat rocket; water; NIR; E-nose; electrolyte leakage; Aquaphotomics; adulteration; stingless bee honey; visible and near-infrared spectroscopy; PCA; PLSR; aquaphotomics; bulk water content; near-field CMOS dielectric sensor; fluorescence imaging; corneoptosis; SG1 cell; double-filtration plasmapheresis; INUSpheresis; near-infrared spectroscopy; aquaphotomics; water; near-infrared spectroscopic pattern recognition; multi-optical-path; two-category priority’s compensation models; three-model voting fusion; moving-window-k-nearest neighbor; Norris derivative filter; semi-clathrate hydrate; intermolecular interaction; interionic interaction; low-frequency Raman; equilibrium temperature; lipid hydration; water interphases; crowded systems; restricted environments; H bonding propagation; near-infrared spectroscopy; NIR; polymer; water; polymer-water interaction; hydrophilic; hydrophobic; chemometrics; data analysis; water probe; mutual–individual factor analysis; calibration transfer; aquaphotomics; near infrared spectroscopy; aquaphotomics; near-infrared spectroscopy; water; light; sound; frequency; perturbation; aquagram; molecular dynamics; near infrared spectroscopy; preprocessing; aquaphotomics; chemometrics; cement concrete; mortar; water; water molecular structure; drying shrinkage; aquaphotomics; near infrared spectroscopy; n/a

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