Sea, River, Lake Ice Properties and Their Applications in Practices

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March 2023
294 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Sea, River, Lake Ice Properties and Their Applications in Practices that was published in

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This reprint covers topics on geographical scale of glacier and lake ice variations, as well as the engineering scale of ice properties and their practical applications via laboratory tests and numerical modeling.

  • Hardback
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level ice; ice resistance; probability distribution; polar ship; circumferential crack method; ice phenology; Eurasia; analytical model; climate; altitude; spatial statistics; glacier resources; glacier inventory; climate change; topography; Xinjiang; polar ships; propeller; ice blockage; cavitation effect; EFD-CFD; Manas river basin; Kaidu river basin; glacier mass balance; Geographical detector; attribution analysis; arctic oil and gas resources; Kulluk platform; mooring system; ice load; ice-structure interaction; sea ice; fresh-water ice; parametrization scheme; melting rate; laboratory study; unmanned aerial vehicles; SIFT algorithm; brutal force matching; RANSAC algorithm; ice velocity; blasting under ice; dynamic simulation; blasting volume; parameter analysis; collaborative bearing capacity; analytic hierarchy process; SD model; simulation prediction; Ulan Suhai Lake; lake; wetlands; ice phenology; optical satellite data; cloud; Wuliangsu Lake; ship ice accumulation; sea spray; marine structures; SPH-FEM coupling method; distilled water ice; uniaxial compressive strength; growth temperature of ice; strain rate; grain size; ice core; fabric; microstructure; glacial shear margin; Dalk Glacier; river ice; thickness; GPR; temperature; Yellow River; water resources from melted glaciers; lake ice phenology; ice properties; ice engineering; ecosystem under lake ice