Sustainable Construction Materials: From Paste to Concrete

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March 2023
388 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Sustainable Construction Materials: From Paste to Concrete that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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With increasing attention on the reduction of CO2 emissions, the sustainability of construction materials has become one of the most growing issues in concrete science and engineering research fields. New sustainable construction materials, such as alkali-activated materials, calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement, and limestone calcined clay cement (LC3), have been suggested and high-performance and/or highly durable construction materials using special admixtures, such as nanomaterials, have been studied to reduce the environmental impact during the life cycle of construction materials.This Special Issue aims to highlight and share recent findings in developing new sustainable cementitious materials, modeling their hydration kinetics, investigating their microstructure, improving the performance and durability of cementitious materials using functional supplementary ingredients, suggesting novel test methods for new construction materials, etc. In this Special Issue are presented the following areas:Sustainable concrete and alternative binders;Hydration kinetics of sustainable cementitious materials;Characterization of sustainable cementitious materials;Re-utilization of industrial by-products for construction materials;High strength and durable cementitious materials;Property enhancement by functional additives;Energy storage through construction materials.

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foam composite; active carbon; micropore volume; specific surface area; pore structure; compressive strength; flexural strength; drying shrinkage; amorphous metallic fiber; carbonation; mortar; crack healing; clinker binder and aggregate; flexural performance; water flow test; curing; Portland cement; limestone; metakaolin; carbonation curing; CO2 uptake; LC3; hydration reaction; nuclear magnetic resonance; thermogravimetry; ultra-high-performance concrete; X-ray diffraction; calcium silicate hydrate; photocatalysis; titanium dioxide nanotube; anatase TiO2; hydration products; cement paste; fine aggregate; bottom ash; GGBFS; cold-bonded pelletization; heavy metal leaching; strengthening methods; fiber reinforced polymer; no-slump; high-strength; ductility concrete; low-velocity impact load; two-way slab; superabsorbent polymer; belite-rich Portland cement; sustainable ultra-high-performance paste; internal curing; autogenous shrinkage; sustainable concrete; wastewater; industrial waste management; sustainable development; sustainable construction materials; circular economy; recycling; materials design; construction materials; materials properties; Rhodobacter capsulatus; sewage concrete; surface coating; sulfate ion; service life; cover depth; architectural injection grout; dry hydrated lime; particle density; specific surface area; workability; porosity; mechanical properties; photocatalysis; construction materials; ISO22197-1; titanium dioxide (TiO2); nitrogen oxides (NOx); embodied carbon; recycled asphalt; recycled aggregate; construction waste materials; alternative additives; alternative water resources; durability; residues; carbon dioxide; pollution; porosity; pozzolanic activity; UHPC; thermodynamic modeling; phase assemblage; alternative cementitious binders; supplementary cementitious materials; CaO-activation; auxiliary activator; GGBFS; chemical resistance; freezing; thawing; self-healing of cracks; concrete; constitutive relations; damage mechanics; finite element analysis; cement composite; filler effect; microstructure; nano-silica; silica fume; fine recycled aggregate; construction and demolition waste; recycled concrete aggregate; recycled masonry aggregate; recycled aggregate concrete; alkali-activated materials; setting time; ultrasonic measurements; calorimetry; strength