Interdisciplinary Researches for Cultural Heritage Conservation

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March 2023
192 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Interdisciplinary Researches for Cultural Heritage Conservation that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Chemistry & Materials Science
Computer Science & Mathematics
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Physical Sciences

This Special Issue on Interdisciplinary Research for Cultural Heritage Conservation in Applied Sciences aims to bring together some of the latest researches in this field. A total of 10 papers focusing on different aspects of cultural heritage were published on the topics: rock art, mural paintings, stone monuments, stained-glass windows, environmental sensors, historic infrastructures, and analects of Confucius.

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biodeterioration; mural paintings; bacteria; fungi; biocide; environmental pH; exhibition halls; sensors; museum; preventive conservation; cultural heritage; ontology; Confucianism; The Analects of Confucius; essential characteristics; protégé; sandstone weathering; chemical weathering; rock shelter; rock art; flashed glass; multianalytical characterization; chemical composition; chromophores; laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy; thickness measurements; green algae; lichens; Trebouxia aggregata; black fungi; bryophytes; limestone; mineralogy; restoration; Seville City Hall; public works; dams; aqueducts; siphon; reservoir; overall value; heritage system; network; new uses; petroglyphs; Negev desert; biodeterioration; nanopore sequencing technology; metagenomics; analytical techniques; cyanobacteria; chlorophytes; bryophytes; surface cleaning; hydrogen peroxide; sodium hypochlorite; grisaille; recipe; raw material; conservation; degradation; n/a