Advances of Machine Design in Italy 2022

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March 2023
282 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances of Machine Design in Italy 2022 that was published in


This reprint contains a Special Issue of the MDPI journal Machines on Italian advances in mechanism and machines science through a collection of selected papers from the Fourth International Conference of IFToMM Italy, IFIT 2022.

The included papers belong to a broad range of disciplines in MMS, with research and design results that can be of interest not only to scholars in the field of MMS and mechanical engineering but also to professionals and even students, broadening their understanding of the problems and solutions under development, mainly, but not only, from the Italian community.

  • Hardback
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precision agriculture; mobile manipulation; motion planning; analytic Jacobian; inverse kinematics; manipulability; history of mms; italian history of mechanism design; models of mechanisms; history of teaching; italian mechanism collections; kinematics; planar mechanism; instant center; singular configuration; machine design; drone-based package delivery; UAV transportation; embedded payload; packaging; quick-release system; hypoid gears; friction; wear; elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication; automatic machines; planar parallel mechanism; five bar linkage; design optimization; vibration reduction; lightweight gears; finite-element analysis; multibody simulation; design space exploration; transmission error; squeeze film damper; seal instability; rotor dynamics; lubrication; UGVs; reconfigurable robots; mechatronic design; field robotics; path and trajectory planning; rollover detection; heavy vehicles; off-road applications; predictive algorithms; artificial intelligence; load transfer ratio; gas micro-turbine; discriminant analysis; vibrational analysis; diesel blends; kerosene; biofuel; statistical index; accelerometer; confusion matrix; Cohen’s kappa; human-robot collaboration; human-in-the-loop; virtual reality; obstacle avoidance; configuration-dependent substructuring; dynamics of linkages; three-points linkage; vibrations; feeding; rotary device; functional synthesis; mechanical design; applied mechanics; tribology; Boundary Elements Methods; n/a