Recent Advances in Water Management: Saving, Treatment and Reuse

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June 2018
218 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances in Water Management: Saving, Treatment and Reuse that was published in

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guidelines; contaminated sites; risk assessment; China; ferrous iron; ferrous sulfide; hydrogen sulfide; odor control; pumping mains; sewerage; pharmaceuticals; micropollutant removal; tezontle; filter media; active sites; trickling filter; anaerobic digester; swine wastewater; organic matter; COD; decomposition analysis; global patent data; research and development strategy; water treatment technology; anammox bacteria; wastewater treatment; nitrification; denitrification; zeolite; combined sewer; wastewater treatment; microbiological quality; surface water; river; lignin; delignification; pulp-and-paper-mill c; wastewater; white rot fungi; B. adusta; P. crysosporium; foreign countries; agricultural occupations; water; environmental education; surveys; sustainability; milk production; water; footprint; water recycling; conservation; partitioning; efficiency; forest waste; palm mulch; constructed wetlands; vertical flow; water treatment; passive treatment systems; anaerobic processes; constructed wetlands; ornamental plants; treated wastewater reuse; advanced oxidation processes (AOPs); activated carbon adsorption; carbamazepine toxicity; conventional treatment processes; membrane technology; occurrence; food industry; anticorrosive agent; benzotriazole; emerging contaminant; oxygen injection; Pb(II); nano illite/smectite clay; adsorption kinetics; adsorption thermodynamic