Soil Erosion: Dust Control and Sand Stabilization, Volume II

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March 2023
204 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Soil Erosion: Dust Control and Sand Stabilization, Volume II that was published in

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Soil erosion caused by wind is significant to Earth systems and human health. There is a strong interest in understanding the factors and processes of soil erosion caused by wind as well as in developing and applying methods to control dust emission from soils and to stabilize active sands. The Special Issue contains information on applications of natural and synthetic materials to reduce soil erosion, development of materials and methods, experimental methods and modeling, impacts on the soil quality and the environments, and quantification of the efficiency in dust control and sand stabilization applications.

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wind tunnel; particulate matter; soil erosion; particle size distribution; rainfall simulator; dust emission; salinization; groundwater; wind erosion; brine solution; treated wastewater; annual plants; coastal dunes; fixed dunes; mobile dunes; dune stabilization; Mediterranean; open and shrub patches; slope aspects; sand particle; wind-break wall; terrain; railway; wind-tunnel experiment; community stability; covariance effect; biodiversity; population stability; species richness; species synchrony; diversity–stability relationship; coastal dunes; multi-taxa; cross-taxa congruence; global warming; soil erosion; carbon erosion; gaseous emissions; methanogenesis; nitrification/denitrification; dust; enrichment ratio; burial of carbon; aggregate disruption; soil resuspension; stabilization material; soil contamination; Dead Sea saltwater; dust emission; soil erosion; stabilization; containment; radiological contamination; cesium; strontium; hydric and aeolian erosion; enrichment ratio; selective removal; erosion as a source; positive feedback to climate change; deep burial; re-aggregation; saltation; dust blown carbon; emission of greenhouse gases; stages of erosion; dust suppressants; dust control; food industry; wastes; by-products; field testing; leaching test; dust suppressant; dust control; biopolymer; penetration resistance; crust strength; moisture retention; mine soil; protein; polysaccharide; n/a

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