Organic Polymers for Encapsulation of Drugs, Food Ingredients and Agrochemicals

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February 2023
212 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-6783-9 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-6782-2 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Organic Polymers for Encapsulation of Drugs, Food Ingredients and Agrochemicals that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This Reprint Book provides recent studies addressing encapsulation systems for active compounds (e.g., drugs and food ingredients) to improve the quality of life around the world. The content may be helpful for the colleagues and students working on encapsulation of active compounds.

  • Hardback
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carboxymethyl chitosan; mangosteen; deodorant; skin moisturizing; trans-2-nonenal; accelerated stability test; guava; carotenoids; microencapsulation; mucilage; spray-drying; aloe vera; Opuntia ficus-indica; ar-turmerone; polymeric nanoparticles; anticancer activity; release study; biodegradable polymers; apple fiber; trehalose; sucrose; blackberry phenolics; blackberry volatiles; starch; Bisphenol A; Moringa leaf extract; encapsulating Moringa leaf extract; nanoparticles; alginate; chitosan; Ib-M peptides; E. coli; peptide stability; chitosan; polyethylene glycol methacrylate; oregano; phenolic compounds; nanoencapsulation; bioaccessibility; curcumin; zebrafish embryogenesis; oxidative stress; neuroprotection; PCL nanoparticles; paraquat; grafted microparticles; sodium hyaluronate; crosslinked microparticles; metronidazole adsorption; adsorption isotherm; adsorption kinetics; metronidazole release; polyelectrolyte; complex coacervate; polyamine; stimulus-responsive materials; controlled release; encapsulation; hybrids; clay; sodium alginate; rosemary essential oil; controlled release