Effect of the Modification of Catalysts on the Catalytic Performance

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February 2023
206 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Effect of the Modification of Catalysts on the Catalytic Performance that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

The Special Issue, “Effect of the Modification of Catalysts on the Catalytic Performance”, should be of great interest to all researchers involved in this scientific area regarding the synthesis and characterization of various catalysts or catalytic materials; catalytic performance (activity and selectivity); synergetic effect; and the modification of catalysts or suitable promoters that are added to modify the catalyst structure.

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alkali metal poison; Cu/SSZ-13; crystal size; NH3-SCR; activated carbon fiber; surface modification; hydrogen peroxide; hydroxylamine; pyrrolic/pyridone nitrogen; fractal dimension; modified catalysts; fractal analysis; perovskite; nanoparticles; CO oxidation; sulfur and water resistance; platinum-based catalyst; Keggin structure; formic acid decomposition; polyacrylonitrile hollow nanospheres; ethylenediamine modification; palladium cobalt nanoparticles; ZnO/CuO/g-C3N4; co-crystallization; heterojunction; photocatalytic degradation; organic pollutant; titanate nanorods; Fe-modified titanate; Fe2O3 nanocubes; ammonia catalytic ozonation assisted by solar light; zeolite Y; hierarchical zeolite Y; 3D mesoporous silica; Au/Ti-supported catalysts; surface plasmon resonance effect; photocatalytic degradation of amoxicillin; CoOx; MnOx; hydrocarbon total oxidation; redox properties; catalytic performances; lattice oxygen mobility; copper spacer; layered perovskite; phenol; photocatalysis; simulated solar irradiation; n/a