Dental Materials: Latest Advances and Prospects

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February 2023
248 pages
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Almost all fields of dentistry are closely related to newly developed materials, and all clinical improvements often follow, or, in any case, go hand in hand with the creation and the development of innovative and higher performing materials, instruments, and equipment. Thanks to contemporary applications of dental materials, the effectiveness of clinical dentistry has made remarkable advances.

In recent years, thanks to digital technology and the frenetic development of the dental industry, new materials have been developed and proposed in many fields of dentistry: prosthesis, restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology, and orthodontics. Unfortunately, as often happens, this productive challenge is not always accompanied by valid scientific research, and consequently the clinician finds new materials at their disposal that are not necessarily better than the old. Further studies are needed to gain relevant evidence for all recently introduced dental materials.

This reprint includes research articles, clinical studies, review articles, and case reports focused on the latest advances and prospects of dental materials concerning all fields of dentistry.

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MIH; hypersensitivity; enamel infiltration; hypomineralization; marginal adaptation; fixed partial denture; dental technology; cobalt–chromium alloys; scanning electron microscopy; titanium; dental implants; hydrophilic; hydrocarbon; biological ageing; UV photofunctionalization; alveolar bone defects; guided bone regeneration; titanium meshes; customized titanium meshes; laser melting process; electron beam melting; composite restoration; microleakage; oblique layering technique; horizontal layering technique; composite; fluorescence; de-bonding; residuals; enamel damage; orthodontics; radiolucent sign; OPG; CBCT; third molar; oral surgery; periapical sign; biofilm; bone healing capacity; infected gutta-percha; rat calvarium; zirconia; airborne particle abrasion; femtosecond laser; flexural strength; surface roughness; bond strength; brackets; dry; wet and moistened enamel; adhesion; calcium phosphate; radiation-induced center; hyperfine interaction; EDNMR; ESEEM; ENDOR; biomaterial; bone regeneration; bone substitute; dental implant; octacalcium phosphate; TiN ion plating; metal allergy; orthodontic wire; micro-implants; orthodontics; success rate; insertion; loading; biocompatibility; compliance; dental material; restorative material; composite; glass ionomer; resin-modified glass ionomer; pH; acidity; oral environment; dental filling; dental restoration; apical negative pressure irrigation; calcium hydroxide removal; intracanal medicament; mechanical activation; ultrasonic activation; dental implant; osseoincorporation; osseointegration; trabecular metal; guided tissue regeneration; guided bone regeneration; barrier membranes; allergology; demineralized dentin matrix; human demineralized dentin matrix; human; bone graft; FT-MIR; SEM; n/a