Process Control and Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

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February 2023
280 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Process Control and Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 that was published in

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This reprint, entitled “Process Control and Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0”, contains the extended papers from the Series of annual IFSA conferences on Automation, Robotics and Communications for Industry 4.0/5.0 (ARCI) on the following topics: Process Automation, Process Control and Monitoring, Design Principles in Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Technologies, Smart Factories, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing.

The reprint contains 13 chapters written by 54 ARCI conference participants from seven countries: China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania. This reprint will inform readers of cutting-edge developments in the field and provide effective starting points and a road map for further research and development. All chapters follow the same structure: firstly, an introduction to the specific topic under study; secondly, a description of the field, including sensing or/and measuring applications. Each chapter ends with a curated list of references, including books, journals, conference proceedings and websites.

“Process Control and Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0” is intended for researchers and scientists from academia and industry, as well as for postgraduate students.

  • Hardback
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steel alloys; resistance spot welding; RSW; electrode wear; electrode tip-dressing; process monitoring; mushrooming; plateau forming; quality control; COVID-19; FDM; 3D printing; injection molding; personal protection; rapid prototyping; protective face shields; mechatronics line; visual servoing system; wheeled mobile robot; industrial robotic manipulator; Industry 4.0; NDT; magnetic particle inspection; optimization; Industry 4.0; condition monitoring; vibration; acoustic emission; drive train; data fusion; machine learning; product morphology; core data model; phase rule filter; phase private data model; storage system; forklift AGV; deep learning; semantic segmentation; H-Swish; community transformation; community innovation governance; ternary space; coupling and coordination analysis; lean manufacturing; lean principles; pull principle; production control mechanisms; production processes; lean implementation; batch process; partial least squares; multi-phase; multi-mode; process monitoring; master production scheduling; make-to-order; mathematical programming; agent-based; overtime; earliness; tardiness; equipment selection decision; business compass; energy consumption; processing time; beetle antennae search algorithm; sustainable blank dimension design; energy-saving; low-carbon; business compass; grey wolf algorithm; gas–solid; cyclone; separator; gas dynamics; erosion