Advanced Pulse Laser Machining Technology

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February 2023
286 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advanced Pulse Laser Machining Technology that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences

This reprint is the printed edition of the Special Issue published in Materials. The reprint provides an overview on current international research activities in the field of advanced pulse laser machining technology. It covers fundamental and applied aspects and collects contributions of renowned scientists from academics and industries working in the fields of laser processing, materials science, physics, chemistry, and engineering in order to foster the current knowledge and present new ideas for future applications and new technologies.

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multi-beam micromachining; beam splitting; invar; shadow masks; OLED; nanosecond laser; direct laser interference patterning; design of experiments; central composite design; morphological filtering; surface texture homogeneity; micro structuring; bearing steel; dual laser beam processing; excited state absorption; semiconducting thin films; multi-beam micromachining; nanosecond laser; stimulated emission depletion; femtosecond laser; silicon; amorphization; crystallization; spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry; transmission electron microscopy; atomic force microscopy; laser ablation; ultrafast; re-deposition; fs-laser writing; waveguides; element redistribution; Soret effect; diffusion competition effects; laser ablation; ultra-short pulses; double pulses; burst processing; MHz bursts; GHz bursts; X-ray emission; micromachining; dose rate; X-ray spectrum; ultrafast laser; laser; ultrashort pulse; plasma; X-ray; dose rate; Bremsstrahlung; resonance absorption; burst; bi-burst; beam shaping; squared top-hat; fs-laser; laser surface structuring; laser-induced periodic surface structures; micro-channels; glass; ultrafast laser processing; Bessel beam; X-ray emission hazards; ultrashort pulsed laser; radiation protection; industrial applications; protection housing; ambient dose rate; X-ray spectrum; pulsed laser; laser micromachining; mechanical shutter; solenoid shutter; electro-optic modulator shutter; opening time; lifetime; X-ray; ultrashort pulse; laser; plasma; dose rate; Bremsstrahlung; resonance absorption; ultrashort pulsed laser; X-ray emission; X-ray spectrum; X-ray energies; X-ray dose rate; radiation protection; laser printing; laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT); digital manufacturing; additive manufacturing; printing of materials; n/a