Symmetry in Mathematical Analysis and Functional Analysis

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February 2023
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Symmetry in Mathematical Analysis and Functional Analysis that was published in

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The present reprint provides some theoretical results (and their applications) in the fields of mathematical analysis and functional analysis, in which the concept of symmetry plays an essential role. More specifically, various problems are investigated in areas, such as: optimization problems, polynomial approximation on unbounded subsets, moment problems, variational inequalities, evolutionary problems, dynamical systems, generalized convexity, partial differential equations, and special spaces of self-adjoint operators. With various examples and applications to complement and substantiate the mathematical developments, the present reprint is a valuable guide for researchers, engineers, and students in the field of mathematics, operations research, optimal control science, artificial intelligence, management science, and economics.

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non homogenous boussinesq equations; global well-posedness; littlewood-paley decomposition; multiobjective programming; nonlinear programming; convex optimization; saddle point; preinvex fuzzy interval-valued function; fuzzy fractional integral operator; Hermite-Hadamard type inequality; Hermite-Hadamard Fejér type inequality; left and right convex interval-valued function; fractional integral operator; Hermite–Hadamard type inequality; Hermite–Hadamard Fejér type inequality; invex set; coordinated preinvex functions; Hermite–Hadamard inequalities; interval-valued functions; polynomial bounds; L’Hôpital’s rule of monotonicity; Jordan’s inequality; trigonometric functions; tripled fixed point; edge-preserving; directed graph; b-metric space; differential equation with infinite delay; convex operator; uniform boundedness; symmetric operators; Hahn–Banach type theorems; Markov moment problems; constrained minimization; ϕ-fixed points; interpolative Kannan contraction; abstract interpolative Reich-Rus-Ćirić-type contractions with a shrink map; optimal control; mixed constraints; free final end-point; sufficiency; weak minima; coincidence point; common fixed point; relation-theoretic; auxiliary functions; hybrid contractions; extended rectangular b-metric space; n/a