Carbon and Nutrient Transfer via Above and Belowground Litter in Forests

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January 2023
238 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Carbon and Nutrient Transfer via Above and Belowground Litter in Forests that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Environmental & Earth Sciences

This reprint highlights the ecological importance of forest litter in nutrient cycling, the sequestration of soil carbon, and the formation of soil organic matter. The results presented would be of great importance for the improvement of forest services against the background of the global climate change scenario.

  • Hardback
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litter input and output; litter carbon budget; mountain forest stream; riparian zone; soil macronutrient stocks; Masson pine plantations; controlling factors; chronosequence; bacterial community; forest succession; forest variables; fungal community; non-woody debris; soil biodiversity; soil compaction; natural soil recovery; decompaction processes; freeze–thaw process; boreal forests; sampling bulk density; decomposition; extreme weather event; leaching; plant growth form; stoichiometry; acid hydrolysable components; litter decomposition; snow cover; winter; litter humification; humus accumulation; reduced snow cover; alpine forest; leaf litter decomposition; habitat types; microbial community; phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs); individual PLFA; litter decomposition; soil organic carbon; microbial community composition; plant invasion ecology; forest gap; litter decomposition; carbon release; elevation; subalpine forest; soil fauna; humic substances; humic acid; fulvic acid; humification degree; nutrient reuse strategy; nutrient limitation; ecological stoichiometric ratios; mature and senescent leaves; subtropical forest plantation; litterfall; allometric relationships; forest management practice; cypress plantation; litter quantity; nutrient content; return of nutrients; subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest; extreme weather disturbance; litter C quality; soil C sequestration; dissolved organic C; acid-unhydrolyzable residues; litter decomposition; n/a

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