Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Forged Steel

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January 2023
172 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Forged Steel that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This reprint focuses on forged steels as an interesting material family, both from a scientific and commercial point of view, due to their many applications. Despite their diffusion as a consolidated material, many research fields are actively employing new applications. At the same time, innovations are arising from the manufacturing process of such materials, including the possibility to manufacture them from metal powders suitable for 3D printing. This reprint embraces the interdisciplinary work covering physical metallurgy and processing, reporting the experimental and theoretical progress concerning microstructural evolution during processing, and microstructure–properties relations.

  • Hardback
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fracture; cold work tool steel; AISI D2; AISI O1; high carbon steel; advanced high-strength forging steel; hot-forging; microstructure; retained austenite characteristics; mechanical properties; applications; tempering; impact toughness; carbides; heat treatment; bainite; steel; open die forging; artificial neural network; fast simulator; process optimization; advanced martensitic steel; retained austenite characteristics; microstructure; mechanical properties; heat treatment; hot-stamping; hot-forging; case hardening; heat treatment; microstructure; reverted austenite; tensile property; impact toughness; duplex type medium Mn steel; n/a; stretch-formability; stretch-flangeability; martensite-type medium Mn steel; retained austenite; heat-treatment; isothermal transformation process; direct quenching; grain boundary misorientation; welding residual stresses; dislocations; high-strength steels; forging; air-cooling; mechanical properties; microstructure; TRIP-aided bainitic ferrite steel; thermomechanical processing; hydrogen embrittlement; retained austenite