Soil Hydrological Processes in Desert Regions

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January 2023
178 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Soil Hydrological Processes in Desert Regions that was published in

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This reprint highlights the current understanding of the soil hydrological processes in desert regions, as well as the plant responses to soil water. Likewise, this reprint will not present all the aspects, such as the challenges of soil hydrological process research and its opportunities in the desert regions. It only provides notable highlights to help understand the soil hydrological processes and their application in desertification control, particularly regarding the ecological engineering approach. In this context, we especially hope this reprint will enrich soil hydrology in the desert regions for advancing Critical Zone science in the Anthropocene.

  • Hardback
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geographical detector; alpine dunes; spatial heterogeneity; soil moisture; Qinghai—Tibet Plateau; soil moisture and salinity; multispectral remote sensing; BP neural network; salina-alkaline wetland; Ebinur Lake Basin; hydrochemical characteristics; ion exchange; evaporation-crystallization; controlling factors; Badain Jaran Desert; ecological stoichiometry; Alhagi sparsifolia; groundwater table; soil salt; extremely arid region; ecological protection; Calligonum caput-medusae; N resorption; water addition; soil inorganic N; biomass; water sources; water use efficiency; stable isotopes; Iso-source model; desert plant; photosynthesis; drought stress; drip irrigation; aeolian sandy soil; physiochemical properties; soil water-holding capacity; model fitting; Taklimakan Desert; irrigation amount; irrigation periods; Taklimakan Desert Highway shelterbelt; soil water storage; woody halophyte; saline-tolerant plant; soil hydrological processes; saline water irrigation; desertification control; shelterbelt; soil erosion; RUSLE model; erosion intensity; land desertification; North and South Mountains of Lanzhou; n/a

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