Current Issues in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

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January 2023
220 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Current Issues in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics that was published in

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The interrelationship between economic growth, efficient use of natural resources, and sustainability has been of great interest to economists, researchers and policy makers. Knowledge of actual causality direction between sustainability, efficiency and growth has important implications for modeling environmental economic policies. Various serious environmental problems demand urgent attention and planning of adequate policies towards sustainability. Development of new economic and environmental policies and use of new econometric, operational research and mathematical and statistical techniques offers scope for further research. Studies were invited to address economic growth and environment: environmental problems; Air/water pollution; Health impact of pollution; Waste management; Natural resources management; Population economics; Environmental policy tools; Renewable energy sources; Business and sustainable development; Sustainable transport; Sustainable tourism; Urban and regional development.

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budgeting analysis; rural household income; medicinal plants; women; sustainability; Tobit regression; system GMM; acreage response; yield response; supply elasticity; dynamic panel data approach; major cereals; Ethiopia; space; scale; land degradation; externalities; indicators; Italy; resource rents; human development; development expenditure; financial development; economic growth; co-integration; VECM; Sudan; externalities; social cost; environmental protection; efficient voter rule; environmental taxation; EU ETS; fiscal impact; cluster analysis; spatial patterns; overlapping generations; climate justice; technology shock; environmental quality; OLG model; intergenerational sustainability; commons; resource governance; city logistics; last-mile delivery; sustainable development; e-commerce; COVID-19; environmental economics; sustainable transport; corporate sustainability; corporate social responsibility; economic results; environmental responsibility; social welfare; oil and gas fields; circular economy; second-hand; reuse; transaction costs; pollution control; environmental economics; differential games; trade agreements; WTO; climate change; carbon dioxide emission; literature review

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