Research on Pathogenic Fungi and Mycotoxins in China

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January 2023
156 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Research on Pathogenic Fungi and Mycotoxins in China that was published in

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Researchers have made great progress in the mechanism of mycotoxins biosynthesis, pathogenicity, and the construction of detection methods. This collection holds fundamental and applied research on pathogenic fungi and mycotoxins in China, which directly or indirectly affect the health of plants, animals, and humans. Some papers mainly study the mechanism of mycotoxin biosynthesis, including the crucial genes, environmental factors, and regulation mechanisms, which is beneficial to advancing our knowledge of this area. Some papers focus on the toxicity of mycotoxins, which is helpful to the detoxification of mycotoxins and the reduction of the hazardous effect of mycotoxins. Special attention is given to the leading detection methods, especially on-site rapid detection. These effective and feasible methods are important for discovering and controlling the risk of mycotoxins.

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water activity; aflatoxin biosynthesis; conidia development; regulatory mechanism; AtfB; fumonisin B1; BALB/c mice; fecal bacterial flora; 16S rRNA sequencing; zearalenone; gilts; ovary; hormone; zearalenone; weaned gilt; intestinal morphology; ghrelin; PCNA; farmers’ grain storage silos; absolute water potential; ventilation and drying; mycotoxins; contamination distribution; Alternaria toxins; modified QuEChERS method; ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry; mixed fruit puree; Aspergillus flavus; AflN; aflatoxin; conidiation; rice false smut; ustiloxins; generic antigen; immuno-magnetic beads; enzyme-linked immunity; fumonisin B1; BALB/c mice; hepatotoxicity; nephrotoxicity; haematological toxicity; regulatory limit; αB-conotoxin VxXXIVA; epitope; hybridoma; monoclonal antibody; ELISA

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