Metallic or Metallic Oxide (Photo)catalysts for Environmental Applications

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January 2023
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Metallic or Metallic Oxide (Photo)catalysts for Environmental Applications that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This reprint is the compilation of the articles submitted in the Special Issue entitled “Metallic or Metallic Oxide (Photo)catalysts for Environmental Applications” from the journal Catalysts, which gives an overview of the latest advances in the development of metallic or metallic oxide (photo)catalytic materials, with environmental applications for the elimination of organic pollutants or the valorization of biomass.

  • Hardback
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glucose; sorbitol; cellobiose; hydrothermal resistance; hydrolysis; hydrogenation; mesoporous silica; ruthenium; carbon; photocatalysis; Fe/N doping; titania; aqueous sol-gel process; LED visible light; photocatalysis; ZnO; SnO2; atomic layer deposition; photocatalysis; defect-engineered TiO2; solar light; decolorization and disinfection of water; advanced oxidation processes; metallic oxide nanoparticles; BiOX; photocatalysis; mannitol; soft template; structure-directing agent; carboxylation; metal nanoparticles; heterogeneous catalysis; FDCA; furoic acid; doping N; TiO2; Pb(II); photocatalytic-oxidation; visible light; aqueous sol-gel process; ZnO; photocatalysis; pollutant degradation; bimetallic nanoparticles; gold catalysts; catalysis; oxidation; selectivity modulation; titania coatings; gas-liquid flow; sol-gel method; methylene blue; rhodamine B; AgNWs; SnO2; silver nanowires; core-shell nanostructures; photocatalytic activity; visible-light photocatalysis; n/a