Assessing Water Quality by Statistical Methods

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January 2023
252 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Assessing Water Quality by Statistical Methods that was published in

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Human society's progress has increased the quantity of pollutants emitted into the environment. Water is one of the natural resources most affected by economic activity, with pollutants reaching water bodies without proper treatment. In this context, this book presents the latest advances and developments in statistical approaches for evaluating and forecasting water resources quality. New methodologies for analyzing and predicting the water quality that can be applied in related fields are also presented.

  • Hardback
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aquifer; DRASTIC; index; groundwater; vulnerability; water quality variation; wavelet analysis; low-pass filtering; linear regression; water quality; coastal area; metals; pollution source; Gulf of Aqaba; Jordan; Red Sea; human intervention; changes in climate; salty lake; water chemistry; river water; reclaimed water; multivariate statistics; Chaobai River; groundwater; water parameters; k-means; principal component analysis; water quality index; groundwater vulnerability; carbonate aquifers; optimized DRASTIC; COP; decision trees; nitrate validation; inorganic nitrogen; shallow groundwater; multivariate statistical analysis; urban stream; factor analysis; land-cover type; metropolitan area; minimum water quality index; pollution; multivariate statistical methods; Trophic State Index; water quality; empirical model; Paldang Reservoir; flooding; flash-floods; bivariate statistics; fuzzy multicriteria decision-making; small catchments; Romania; genetic algorithm (GA); IDW; spatial interpolation; n/a

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