Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

A Solution for a Greener Earth

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January 2023
296 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: A Solution for a Greener Earth that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This reprint is a compilation of the articles submitted in the Special Issue entitled, “Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: A Solution for a Greener Earth”, from the journal Catalysts, which presents an overview of the latest advances in the development of innovative photocatalytic processes.

  • Hardback
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Ce-modified ZnO; electron microscopy; methylene blue (MB) degradation; photoluminescence; photocatalysis; TiO2; sol–gel process; SiO2; Pd-modification; activation treatments; photocatalysis; CNS-doped TiO2; NaYF4:Yb,Er; upconversion phosphor; UV-Vis–NIR photocatalysis; NiTiO3; g-C3N4; composite photocatalyst; recombination; photodegradation; charge separation efficiency; coagulation; landfill leachate; reverse osmosis concentrate; photo-Fenton; LED; lime precipitation; ambient crystallization; photocatalysis; Zr/N doping; titania; aqueous sol-gel process; p-nitrophenol degradation; maprotiline; advanced oxidation processes; LC/HRMS coupling; structural elucidation; kinetics; ecotoxicity estimations; 6-mercaptopurine photodegradation; wastewater; cytostatic; emerging pollutants; photocatalysis; TiO2; photocatalysis; sol–gel synthesis; peptization; doping; pollutant degradation; mild temperature; tri-doped TiO2; thiacloprid; photocatalysis; water treatment; nano-Ag–TiO2 nanostructured nanofibers; electrospinning; UV-visible light assisted photocatalytic activity; photodegradation kinetics; antimicrobial activity; photodegradation; nanoparticles; semi-pilot plant; fabric; green synthesis; nickel oxide; nanoparticles; oxygen evolution reaction; electrocatalysts; mesoporous titania; glass fiber; photocatalysis; contaminants of emerging concern; high resolution mass spectrometry; transformation products; ligand-to-metal charge transfer; anatase; oxygen-based bidentate diketone; sol-gel; TGA-MS; remediation of aqueous pollutants; smectite; adsorption; photocatalysis; pollutant removal; environment remediation; trimetallic; nanoparticles; iron oxide; photocatalytic; magnetic; alcohol; oxidation; n/a