Research on Hydraulics and River Dynamics

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December 2022
186 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Research on Hydraulics and River Dynamics that was published in

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This Special Issue includes nine original contributions focused on river hydraulics. Four of these resulted from cooperation between universities from different countries: (a) Russia and Poland , (b) Taiwan and the USA , (c) Iran and Italy, and (d) India and Italy . The other contributions resulted from research carried out in universities from South Korea [5], Greece [6], China , and Japan .

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bed roughness; open-channel flow; OpenFOAM; Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes model; turbulence model; two-dimensional dune; 60° bend; bed shear stress; turbulent kinetic energy; Reynolds shear stress; log-law; continuous bend; transition section; correlation of flow movement; width/depth ratio; circulation structure; circulation intensity; turbulent kinetic energy; numerical simulation; local scour; spur dike; angle of repose; river sediment transport modeling; alluvial channels; hydraulic riverbed resistance; mathematical modeling; van Rijn sediment transport formula; local scouring; bridge pile group; material harvesting pit; hydrodynamic bridge pier; flow pattern; FLOW-3D; bed load transport; random forests; Gaussian processes regression; Meyer–Peter and Müller formula; sediment transport; incision; meandering; bedrock; curved channel; bed configurations; annular flume; cover lid rotation speed; developing flow; fully-developed flow; Reynolds stress anisotropy tensor; seepage flow; turbulence intensity; n/a

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