Systematic Approach to Agroforestry Policies and Practices in Asia

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December 2022
220 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Systematic Approach to Agroforestry Policies and Practices in Asia that was published in

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Agroforestry is an intensive land management system involving the integration of tree management into crop and animal farming. It provides diverse ecosystem services by bridging agriculture, forestry, and husbandry to offer environmental, economic, and social benefits. In order to improve the benefits of agroforestry to meet development and climate goals, a systematic approach is necessary for understanding agroforestry practices, designing agroforestry policies and associated outcomes. Multiple methodologies, including systematic review and landscape restoration approaches, can be applied to analyzing agroforestry policies and ecosystem services derived from agroforestry practices. Therefore, this Special Issue focuses on systematic approaches to agroforestry policies, strategies, and practices. It includes case studies from several countries from Asia to explore economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

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agroforestry; ecosystem services; Asia-Pacific region; systematic map; agroforestry practices; adoption determinants; smallholder farmers; Nepal; agroforestry; bamboo handicraft; bamboo; income generation; Laos; sustainability; value chain approach; agroforestry; South Asia; climate change; mitigation; adaptation; policy; REDD+; national determined contributions; climate neutrality; agroforestry systems; Chure conservation; livelihood; community forestry; agro-forest management; interpretive structural modelling; regional autonomy; social forestry; agroforestry; adoption; perception; behavioural controls; ethnic minorities; Viet Nam; wild-simulated ginseng; systematic review; keyword analysis; topic modelling; non-timber forest products (NTFPs); agroforestry; agroforestry; land restoration; carbon sequestration; smallholder farmers; system adoption; traditional homegardens; agroforestry system; biodiversity and carbon; optical remote sensing; agroforestry; livelihood; food security; climate change; resilience; Timor-Leste; agroforestry; policy; Asia; landscape restoration