Outdoor Insulation and Gas Insulated Switchgears

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December 2022
246 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Outdoor Insulation and Gas Insulated Switchgears that was published in

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This book focuses on theoretical and practical developments in the performance of high-voltage transmission line against atmospheric pollution and icing. Modifications using suitable fillers are also pinpointed to improve silicone rubber insulation materials. Very fast transient overvoltage (VFTO) mitigation techniques, along with some suggestions for reliable partial discharge measurements under DC voltage stresses inside gas-insulated switchgears, are addressed. The application of an inductor-based filter for the protective performance of surge arresters against indirect lightning strikes is also discussed.

  • Hardback
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dynamic pollution model; reference insulators; insulator structure coefficient; natural pollution tests; finite element method; partial discharge; protrusion; gas-insulated system; HVDC; SF6; synthetic air; insulator; pollution; humidity; equivalent salt deposit density (ESDD); non-soluble deposit density (NSDD); leakage current; post-installation study; double exponential function; indirect lightning; medium voltage transformer; spark gap; filtered surge arrester; energy-controlled switch; ice-covered insulator; characteristics extraction; image processing method; median filtering method; entropy threshold segmentation; modified Canny operator; region growth method; icing degree; gas-insulated substations; VFTO; EMF modeling; transient ground potential rise; polymeric material; thermoplastic; thermoset; elastomer; epoxy resin; electrical properties; mechanical properties; high-voltage applications; partial discharges; textured insulator; artificial clean fog test; dry bands; discharges; partial arcs; monitoring; HVDC outdoor insulators; silicone rubber; fumed silica; ground silica; dry-band arcing; erosion performance; silicone rubber; outdoor insulators; transmission and distribution; pollution performance; tracking; erosion resistance; overhead power lines; atmospheric icing; power outage; anti-icing; de-icing; line design; passive devices; coatings; mechanical methods; thermal methods; composite crossarm; pollution flashover characteristics; core diameter; hydrophobicity; umbrella structure; voltage gradient; pollution; flashover; inception voltage; arc propagation; finite element method (FEM); n/a