Advancement in the Fluid Dynamics Research of Reversible Pump-Turbine

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November 2022
180 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advancement in the Fluid Dynamics Research of Reversible Pump-Turbine that was published in

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Pumped storage technology is a large-scale, efficient, flexible and clean energy storage technology. The core of it is the design of pumped storage units, which involves the operation and flow characteristics of vane hydraulic machinery under pump and turbine modes, as well as the complex flow conditions of the upstream and downstream flow channels of the units. With this as the background, this book expounds on the relevant problems and their solutions, providing a scientific basis for the development of pumped storage technology. I hope this book can provide as a useful reference for readers.

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tip clearance; vertical axial flow pump; whole channel numerical simulation; pressure pulsation; leakage vortex; bulb tubular pump; numerical simulation; adjusting speed; transition process; pressure fluctuation; pump turbine; flow energy loss; flow–head stability; guide vane opening; V-inclined pipe; sand transport; critical velocity; numerical simulation; flow pattern; orthogonal test method; lateral intake; CFD numerical simulation; diversion pier; prefabricated pumping station; centrifugal pump; energy characteristics; internal flow field; test; integrated pump gate; inlet channel; outlet channel; flow pattern; hydraulic performance; “S” shaped airfoil; bidirectional axial flow pump; energy characteristics; internal flow field; axial flow pumps; energy; cavitation; numerical calculation; test; Francis turbine; guide vane opening; sediment erosion; clearance; CFD; n/a