Groundwater Quality and Public Health

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November 2022
228 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Groundwater Quality and Public Health that was published in

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This book attempts to provide a platform for researchers, policy makers, and engineers to share their latest thoughts and findings on groundwater quality and public health, as well as novel methods dealing with groundwater pollution. The chapters published in this book include the latest research results by world-renowned researchers, whose findings can benefit researchers, engineers, policy makers, and government officials in future groundwater quality research and policy making.

  • Hardback
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water quality index; health risk assessment; Tongchuan city; Loess Plateau; high-As groundwater; shallow groundwater; geological environment; geochemistry; correlation; Hetao Basin; geostatistics; GIS; heavy metal pollution; groundwater; UAE; water environment; human health risk; spatial distribution; Chinese Loess Plateau; strontium-rich groundwater; hydrochemical characteristics; formation mechanisms; hydrogeochemistry; water quality; drinking water; WASH; waterborne diseases; One Health; Guinea-Bissau; sub-Saharan Africa; groundwater quality; water chemistry characteristics; multivariate statistical analysis; PHREEQC; typical mountain front tilted plain; groundwater; health risk assessment; Monte Carlo model (crystal ball software); visual minteq; yinchuan; nano zero-valent iron; biochar; nitrate removal; nitrogen gas; disjointed type; hyporheic zone; mercury; migration and transformation; gold mining area; ecological risks; endorheic basin; hydrochemistry; isotope technique; integration; nitrate; groundwater quality; groundwater pollution; contamination remediation; one health; public health; health risk assessment