Ethics, Religion, and Spiritual Health: Intersections With Artificial Intelligence or Other Human Enhancement Technologies

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November 2022
150 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-5717-5 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-5718-2 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Ethics, Religion, and Spiritual Health: Intersections With Artificial Intelligence or Other Human Enhancement Technologies that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

What does human enhancement technology (HET) and artificial intelligence (AI) have to do with religion? This book explores, specifically, the intersection of HET and AI with spiritual health, Christianity, and ethics. The exploration strengthens an emergent, robust body of publications about human enhancement ethics.  What does it mean to make us “better” must also address the potential spiritual implications.

Concern for spiritual health promises to make the study of religion and human enhancement ethics increasingly pressing in the public sphere. Some of the most significant possible and probable spiritual impacts of HET and AI are probed. Topics include warfare, robots, chatbots, moral bioenhancement, spiritual psychotherapy, superintelligence, ecology, fasting, and psychedelics. Two sections comprise this book: one addresses spirituality in relation to HETs and AI, and one addresses Christianity in relation to HETs and AI.

  • Hardback
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spiritual; Replika; AI; ethics; Spiritual AIM; spiritual assessment; chat-bot; fabulation; attribution and ascription; machine agents; spiritually authorizing encounter; Spirituality Chatbot; ELIZA effect; Mindar; artificial intelligence (AI); aging; longevity; deep aging clocks (DACs); Incarnation; fasting; biohorology; artificial intelligence; drone; remote warfare; spiritual health; PTSD; ethics; spirituality; moral bioenhancement; Christianity; ethics; virtue; dignity; justice; empathy; psychedelic drugs; mystical experience; psychedelic therapy; Huston Smith; psychedelic spirituality; psychedelics and religion; psychedelics and theology; psychedelic churches; intelligence; superintelligence; machine intelligence; artificial intelligence; intelligence amplification; reason; love; transhumanism; public theology; AI ethics; Knud Løgstrup; cognitive and moral enhancement; artificial intelligence (AI); volition; conversion; Rome Call for AI Ethics; artificial intelligence; environment; technology; ecological solidarity; Catholicism; Aaron Beck; artificial intelligence; cognitive therapy; enhancement; mental health; pastoral care; psychotherapy; spiritual care; spiritual caregivers; spiritual distress; spiritual health; biotechnologies; extended life; pregnancy; constructive theology; malthusian crisis

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