Recent Advances in Nanomagnetism

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November 2022
104 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances in Nanomagnetism that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences

The Special Issue on Recent Advances in Nanomagnetism is a compilation of articles, addressing various aspects of magnetic properties and behaviour in low dimensional magnetic materials. One contribution addresses the novel magnetic properties in a nanohybrid of iron oxide and carbide nanoparticles grown in diamond. Magnetic textures, such as skyrmion structures, form an important area of research in nanomagnetism, this forms the topic of another contribution. Several aspects of magnetisation dynamics are addressed in other contributions and relate to the developments of microresonators and microantennas applied to the study of magnetic nanostructures; the ferromagnetic resonance behaviour in nanodot systems are also considered. Materials development forms an important area of study in nanomagnetism, and, as such, the preparation conditions, such as annealing under an applied field, can have important effects on the magnetic properties of thin films and low dimensional structures. Such considerations form the study of one of the contributions. Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy has a number of important applications in magnetic storage materials; this is the subject of two further contributions.

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magnetic nanohybrid materials; nanodiamonds; nanoparticles; iron carbides; Fe3C; spinel-type iron oxide; Mössbauer spectroscopy; skyrmions; micromagnetic simulations; geometric pinning; finite-element modelling; ferromagnetic resonance; microantenna; microresonator; magnetic relaxation; thin films; nanostructures; [Co/Ni]2/PtMn multilayers; magnetic field annealing; hysteresis loop vertical shift; exchange coupling; nanomagnetism; magnetic multilayers; micromagnetism; magnetization dynamics; ferromagnetic resonance; magnetization dynamics; magnetic nanodots; coupled magnetic thin films; perpendicular magnetic anisotropy; n/a

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