Pseudorabies Virus

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November 2022
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Pseudorabies Virus that was published in

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Pseudorabies virus (PRV) is an important swine pathogen that impacts swine industry worldwide. PRV belongs to the alphaherpes virus subfamily of the herpesviruses that has been widely used as a model herpes virus. Most recently, PRV has been reported sporadically spillover into human and other animals. This book collects the newest advances in the field of pseudorabies virus research, including critical reviews and research on viral evolution, replication, virus–host interaction, pathogenesis and immunity, and novel antiviral strategies.

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pseudorabies virus; Liver X receptors; clathrin-coated pits; viral entry; pseudorabies virus; innate immune response; type I interferons; apoptosis; autophagy; premature termination codon; pseudorabies virus; genetic code expansion; pseudorabies virus; virus isolation; pathogenicity; mortality; inflammatory response; Huaier polysaccharide; pseudorabies virus; antiviral; infection; pseudorabies virus; Vero cell; TMT-based proteomic analysis; differentially expressed proteins; antiviral breeding; genetic modification; nectin1; pig; PRV; disease resistance; pseudorabies virus; seroprevalence; epidemiology; phylogenetic analysis; variants; pseudorabies virus; ICP0 protein; P65; NF-κB signaling pathway; pseudorabies virus; complete genome sequencing; phylogenetic analysis; gene recombination; pseudorabies virus; variant strain; genomics; vaccination; transmission; zoonosis; pseudorabies virus; itch; mouse; histamine; dorsal root ganglion; pseudorabies virus; metabolomic analysis; UHPLC-QE-MS; PK-15 cells; pseudorabies virus; latent infection; latency-associated transcripts; non-coding RNA; pseudorabies virus; latency; miRNA; chromatin; immune regulation; pseudorabies virus; epidemiology; variation; pig; human pseudorabies encephalitis; pseudorabies virus (PRV); tegument protein UL13; RIG-I; MDA5; NF-κB; pseudorabies virus; pathogenesis; infection; prevention and control; Aujeszky’s disease; pseudorabies virus; epidemiological characteristics; phylogenetic analysis

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