Critical Child Protection Studies

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November 2022
182 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Critical Child Protection Studies that was published in

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Up until the latter years of the twentieth century, there was very little critical analysis of child protection policies and practices. The core assumption was that it was concerns about child abuse and neglect that provided the rationale and focus for child protection policies, practices, and systems, and they were assumed to be benign in both intent and impact. Increasingly, however, it has been recognised that a whole range of political, cultural, and sociological influences bear on the development and operation of child protection policies, practices, and systems and that these can have a whole range of negative consequences. The aim of this edited book, based on the Special Edition of the same title, is to provide a range of international cutting-edge papers that critically analyse different aspects of child protection, and which also provide suggestions about how child protection can be positively reformed.

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subjective well-being; residential care; child protection system; temporal comparability; COVID-19 lockdown; child protection; comparative research; child maltreatment; social networks; parental mediation; minors; children; motivations; child protection; relocation; children in care; adolescence; extra-familial harm; zemiology; social harm; disappearance; abuse; neglect; victims; abduction; missing adolescent; adolescents; extra-familial harm; exploitation; child protection; Contextual Safeguarding; child protection; safe sport; education; reporting mechanisms; supportive protection; protective support; supervision; safety; practitioner; child protection; welfare; support; safeguarding; International Safeguards; abuse; activation states; safety culture; child protection; parents; ambivalence; recognition; participation; integrity; parent advocacy; participation; child protection; co-production; n/a