Vegetation Dynamics Revealed by Remote Sensing and Its Feedback to Regional and Global Climate

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October 2022
228 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-5495-2 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-5496-9 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Vegetation Dynamics Revealed by Remote Sensing and Its Feedback to Regional and Global Climate that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences

This book focuses on some significant progress in vegetation dynamics and their response to climate change revealed by remote sensing data. The development of satellite remote sensing and its derived products offer fantastic opportunities to investigate vegetation changes and their feedback to regional and global climate systems. Special attention is given in the book to vegetation changes and their drivers, the effects of extreme climate events on vegetation, land surface albedo associated with vegetation changes, plant fingerprints, and vegetation dynamics in climate modeling.

  • Hardback
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Loess Plateau; China; normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI); spatial–temporal evolution; geographical detector model; driving forces; vegetation phenology; phenology trend; NDVI composites; time interpolation; net primary productivity (NPP); global warming; digital elevation model (DEM); uncertainty; forest disturbance; forest recovery; footprint information; LandTrendr spectral-temporal segmentation algorithm; upper Indus Valley; land surface albedo; MODIS; Qilian Mountains; spatiotemporal variation; snow cover; NDVI; carry-over effects; gross primary productivity; phenology; GOSIF; NIRv; FluxSat; vegetation dynamics; multiple time scales; extreme climate; NDVI; correlation; Guangxi; heatwave; alpine vegetation; Tibetan Plateau; remote sensing; extreme climate events; NDVI; vegetation dynamics; influencing factors; spatial stratified heterogeneity; geographical detector method; dynamic vegetation; gross primary productivity; regional climate change; remote sensing products; Tibetan Plateau; n/a

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